Monday, September 7, 2015


This week, things are starting to look up again. My mission is teaching me endure and the true meaning of "never give up."

We started off the week with a massive spider scare. It was terrifying. A huge wolf spider showed up on sister starkey's chair, she screamed, I screamed, the spider got lost. I had to kill it, I missed it once, it disappeared, we ended up on our chairs and when all was said and done, the spider ended up dead. We were the biggest girls on the planet about the whole situation. It was hilarious and we did indeed survive! The following day we got more clear information on the correct use of permethrin, the chemical we use to stay bug and critter (cockroach free) so we went to TOWN in our apartment. We cleaned up down and around with the stuff. We pulled out the fridge and oven and the Roaches went everywhere, we killed them all, bombed the place and most definitely got them under control. It is a good thing sister Starkey and I are clean freaks! That was the bug situation for the week. 

We taught the most awesome lesson to Cora this Saturday. She has been struggling with the word of wisdom and we were really trying to attack the deeper concern to help her move past this and get to the temple. We prayed and felt strongly that we needed to show her how Heavenly Father treats his people who don't keep their covenants and those who do. We read with her alma 9:23-24 and Helaman 15:14 and explained that that would happen to her if she continued to break her covenants. We then helped her see how she can exponentially increase her happiness by keeping her covenants. We read with her Alma 24:17-19, Alma 53:17! and Alma 56:56. Cora started to cry, she was so touched by the spirit. She then said "you girls are doing gods work. I know that he is telling me something." It was such a tender and sweet experience to be with her for. We were then able to bear testimony of how we prayed and received this direct revelation for her! I know that as a missionary, success doesn't come through numbers, it comes through knowing the Holy Ghost testified to another child of God through me. It was the highlight of my week! 

We also taught billy and he is progressing well! He loves being able to draw closer to God through the Book of Mormon and Christ's church! He was given a priesthood blessing and it was so powerful! Elder Polson, our district leader, who uses language like "oh buddy" and "YALL better round yourselves up" (he is a proper Idaho boy.) gave him the most beautiful blessing and it was such a testimony builder for me. I know that the words that came out of his mouth were from God. The Holy Ghost truly did fill his mouth and helped billy feel peace and comfort in his life. It left everyone there edified and uplifted! 

We saw some amazing answers to prayers this week. We had lost touch with an investigator and thought something had gone seriously wrong. We couldn't find her anywhere or get a hold of her and some facts weren't adding up. We were extremely concerned. We prayed all week that she would be safe and ok and on Saturday we found her, safe and still gaining a testimony. She was completely fine, she had just lost our number and was sick. It was a miracle! 

We traveled up to Lexington again this week and we were privileged to ride with the sweet scheuning's and Monticello elders. It was a great drive and we were truly spiritually fed at zone meeting. Something I loved that was said was "there is a difference between vain repetitions in our prayers and earnest repetition." It is so true. I am grateful for inspired leaders! 

I know this gospel is true with all of my heart! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and I know that God loves me specifically and individually! I know that Christ is my savior and that with him, I can accomplish anything, including the hardest of days and weeks! This is the truth. This is it! :) 

Much love, 
Sister hannah

Quote of the week: "We all appreciate you dressing modestly, but I think you would get more converts if you taught in the clothes you run in." -our neighbor, John, the 55 year old funeral director. We busted up laughing. Thanks John, thanks. 

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