Monday, January 25, 2016

Some more snow!

Sent from my iPadGrateful to have a companion from Idaho who knows how to drive in the snow.
Grateful for my snow boots #savinggrace

Matts rendition of the tree of life as found in 1 nephi 8.

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Snow day!

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Extras from MLC and the Christmas party!

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The drive to Owingsville, KY

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Professional selfie taker, Kaelyn

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C'est Vrai

This week in the life of #Resannah: (the things we come up with as we
are stuck inside for hours on end p, bored out of our minds!)

- we had dinner and FHE with the burton family. It was incredibly
powerful. They are converts of a little over a year. The gospel is the
light of their lives. I can totally see how the gospel has changed
their lives! As soon as sister burton opened her mouth to start the
lesson the spirit filled the room! We heard an amazing lesson on
missionary work and then role played door approaches withe the kids!
It was such a blessing!

- Monday we got a call from elder Bailey saying we needed to get new
tires on our car. By the time we got to the tire shop it had already
closed. So we go about our day on Tuesday and we tried some people,
saw a less active and then missed a turn on our way to try another
potential investigator. We were about to turn around when I realized
the street we were turning down was the street that the tire place was
on. We proceeded to get an estimate, talk with the tire guy who lives
by some of our members and walk out. As we walked out, the woman
sitting in the waiting area stopped us and said "are you the Mormon
sisters?" We told her we were and she said "I am a baptized member. I
just don't go." That stopped us dead in our tracks. We asked her who
she was and where she lived and she did indeed live in our area. We
sat down with her and talked for a while. She confided is us how she
wanted to strengthen her faith and build her relationship with God
again. She told us she wanted to come back! It was so cool! I know
that we were placed there at that specific time to meet sister Poe!

- Wednesday I successfully drove 60 miles in a snowstorm. We travelled
to Owingsville for district meeting and a worldwide missionary
broadcast. I am so grateful for a companion from Idaho. She was a
great coach! We survived! The broadcast was uplifting and edifying. I
learned so much about repentance and what we should be teaching as
missionaries. Some things I liked were "speak of Him. Speak of His
doctrine. He will speak of you to the father." Neil A. Anderson "The
restoration is a fact." Whitney L. Clayton "We offer somethings more.
We offer exaltation." Dallin H. Oaks.

- The snow stopped, I put my snow boots on and we somehow got shovels.
Thank you Omohundro family! I am so grateful for snow boots too. They
have been my life the last week! We were shoveling some driveways of
our less active members and saw a woman outside trying to dig her car
out. We went to help her and started a conversation about the gospel.
She didn't believe in Jesus, but did believe hallucinogens. She asked
us "have you ever tried any hallucinogens?" No. No lady. It was
hilarious. We definitely got a good laugh out of that conversation!

- We got a foot of snow! It was awesome! I forget that snow is just
frozen water. #californiaproblems I keep wondering how I get so wet...
We spent the day with the wonderful Wheeler family! We colored (did
you know they have adult coloring pages?), talked deep doctrine and
ate fresh homemade bread. It was a cozy, blessed day! We watched the
snow fall from a warm couch! The next day we were literally snowed in.
We couldn't get our car out and the roads were not plowed. Bishop
smith called us at 1:30pm and asked us if we were able to get out.
When we told him no, he said he would be there in 5 minutes. No more
than two minutes later he and his crew showed us and shoveled our
driveway and our neighbors in 5 minutes. Honestly it was the nicest
thing anyone has ever done for me! I am serving in the most wonderful
Ward! These members are so consecrated and Giving!

- On Sunday in relief society we were challenged to Write our
testimony in six words or less. It was hard to limit my testimony to
that but I came up with two possibilities. "C'est Vrai" (it's true, in
french) and "I know my Redeemer lives." c'est Vrai has been our line
all transfer. Thank you Matt omohundro. The rm in our Ward from

- Sister r Resendez lost her tag this week at some point on Wednesday
and it was gone. It was in the snow somewhere and we weren't finding
it. We searched through some snow, checked some other places and no
luck. As we were pulling out to go to someone's house I looked in her
seat and the tag was sitting right there, perfectly perched and the
pin was closed...I know that it wasn't there before and that it was a
miracle that we found it! Thank you angels around us, lifting us up
and helping us out! I don't think I have ever seen so much joy on
sister Resendez' face!

- I suck at dodgeball. We played a game after a lesson with the Johns
family. We had to answer a baptismal interview question to get back
into the game and guess who ended up answering all the questions? Me!
Haha I could not dodge the balls for my life. I will blame it on my
snow boots. :) but it was so fun and the boys learned a lot about
dodging sin and repenting!
Dont forget: "I don't have time" is an excuse for poor prioritizing.
Everyday we live brings us a day closer to the second coming of Jesus
Christ! :)

Some funny quotes from this week:
In gospel doctrine, Matt drawing the tree of life:
"this is the dark and dreary wilderness!" *it was awful*
"You need to throw a DDW underneath it!!" -Leslie Omo

At the Walters house for dinner. Brother Walters to his daughter, Ashtyn:
"Just because you want to look up people's dresses doesn't mean you
should!" -brother Walters

Isaiah johns after the law of chastity lesson:
"I'm not going to get married because they tell too much! -Isaiah johns

Teaching the johns boys repentance:
Me: "what does d stand for?"
Sister johns to Colton: "Don't do it again."
Colton: "Don't do what again?"

I love this work so much. It is the life! I know my redeemer lives!
So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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Monday, January 18, 2016

One Blessed Year in the GKLM, God Bless It!

This week was a week filled with all sorts of miracles. Left and
right, up and down! It was incredible! :)

On Tuesday we had a lesson with our almost recent convert, brother
Walters, (he just needs to be confirmed!) and we watched the
restoration in 3D. How many missionaries can say they have had that
experience? It was so rad! They have the sweetest family and are so
excited to go to the temple to get sealed next year! The restoration
was the perfect pump up for them!

Wednesday our hands got dyed orange and smelled like smoked rotting
sausage... I don't even know. It was so nasty. We drove down to clay
city to help an investigator for the West Virginia mission move some
stuff. We were so under prepared! We were told we would be packing up
a house and moving stuff into storage. We wore a t-shirt and sweats
with a light jacket. No gloves, no hand warmers, no ear warmers,
nothing. We show up and this shed that we are moving stuff out of has
no heat! It was colder inside than it was outside! (It was a 30 degree
day!) so the kid, Seth, who is 18 builds a fire, but he isn't
outdoorsy at all... And just lights some stuff up and makes a fire.
Sister Resendez and I didn't care at this point because we were so
cold. So cold. Everything we were packing had been frozen for a few
days and we found two hand warmers, so we were sharing those. The fire
was wonderful. The woman and her son were so grateful for our service,
they took us out to lunch and we discussed what they think of the
church. It was a good experience for them! We got home and I felt so
sick to my stomach because of the nasty smoke smell that I had to take
a shower... I got out of the shower and STILL SMELLED LIKE SMOKE. that
is when we realized that it was not on our hair or clothes but in our
hands! :( lotion and exfoliate scrubs became our best friends! We ate
dinner at the amazing mork's and they tried everything on us. Lemon
juice, lemon soap, oils, sugar scrubs... Nothing worked immediately,
but it went away after a day and a half!

That night we taught the johns boys about the plan of salvation! It is
so cool to see how little children understand the gospel and the plan
that God has for us! It has been so fun teaching them the discussions,
they have been the most engaging lessons I have ever taught. Props,
toys, markers, gloves! Gotta keep them engaged! We also had a lesson o
the gospel of Jesus Christ with them at the church! We talked to them
about baptism and how it is the gate. The Holy Ghost guides us through
life, even when it gets dark and dreary. We set up a chair in the gym
with a rope connected to the wall and turned off all the lights. When
they accepted baptism, they were allowed to enter into the dark gym!
They held to the rope (the iron rod, the Holy Ghost, whatever you want
to take it as) and moved towards the chair with the picture of Jesus
on it. Sister Resendez played satan and I played an angel. They boys
got scared and one let go of the rope because he listened to sister
Resendez, but they were all able to make it to the end! It was
awesome! Lessons that are interactive are so fun! They are so stoked
to be baptized on the 31st! Pray for them please! :)

Thursday was one of the greatest days of my life. We were headed out
to work at 10, driving down the street and there is a drying sitting
on the side of the road. We are now those people. What did we do? We
pulled over and took it! We need a dryer! We pulled some favors from
brother Ginter and it was at our apartment. Brother Guedel hooked it
up too! When he went over to look at it and check it out, he said that
our washer was about to break... Oh shoot. Not the washer! We need the
washer!!!! We got a call from him later and said "when is your p-day?
Will you be home? What time should I tell them to deliver it?" This
sweet, kind, generous, consecrated man bought us a washer! It was the
kindest thing in the world! :) I feel so beyond blessed! It was
delivered today and it works like a charm! ❤️ blessings!
We also found 2 new investigators this day and froze our butts off. It
was COLD, but we were not going to let that stop us! We are trying to
work in the more affluent neighborhoods to find kingdom builders and
it is hard, but the lord is blessing us so much! We have found many
solid investigators by doing so! Blessings were and are pouring out!

Friday was a blessed day as well! Sister Bryner (from the Richmond
Ward) came up to Winchester and took sister r and I out to lunch! It
was so fun! We enjoyed bbq and reminisced about Richmond! It is wild
to think that a year ago she was picking me up from transfer meeting!
WHAAAAAT? Yeah! I hit my year mark! What is my life!?

We went out to try someone and felt like we weren't in the right area,
so after praying and looking at a map, we decided to go see a less
active. When we got to her complex, there was a woman outside
upstairs. We walked up the stairs to talk to her and she said she was
an atheist and didn't believe in God. Her baby started to cough inside
and she invited us in... Odd for an atheist. We sat and talked with
her some and then she told us that she did believe in God, but she
can't express it because her family would disown her. She has a lot of
baggage that makes her situation difficult, but we were able to
testify to her of the love that Heavenly Father has for her. She told
us to come back in two weeks when her life settled down and she could
talk more. At the end, we prayed with her and when we all opened our
eyes and looked up, tears were streaming down her face. I know she
felt how loved she is and I know she felt the peace and comfort that
the gospel brings! The gospel is the greatest gift to us on this
earth! It is moments like these where I know I was in the right place
at the right time for the right person! Amy was that person! I know
God is in the details of our lives! It is so apparent!:)

Just yesterday we had an area stake conference. It was broadcast from
SLC. Elder Whitney Clayton, Robert d hales and Ronald a rasband plus
sister Linda reeves spoke to us. It was an incredibly powerful
meeting! We have to stay exactly on our course and raise our children
in righteousness. I also loved a thought from elder rasband about how
we need to have spiritual experiences with our family in the temple!
Go and do work together as a family he said! How cool? I loved the
conference! I definitely came away uplifted and edified!

I know that God is there and that He is aware of us each individually!
I know that He has blessed us with the Book of Mormon so we can more
fully learn about, access and use the atonement! I am so grateful for
the Book of Mormon! I love this work and I love Kentucky! Even when it
snows and it freezing cold! I just love it!

Have a wonderful week, love you all!

Much love from the GKLM of the United States of America, God Bless It!
Sister Hannah

I hit my year mark! WHAAAAAT?

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Sister Bryner came and took us to lunch! :)

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Our hands were dyed orange from a fire.

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Restoration in 3D with the the Walters family!

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Monday, January 11, 2016

What's this white stuff?

This week was INSANE. Sister Resendez and I had a total of 2 days to
proselyte together. It was NUTS!!

On Tuesday we were able to attend MLC (mission leadership counsel) at
President and Sister Brough's house. It was so special! I literally
have not been there in a year... we were trained on the atonement and
repentance. It was powerful! I realized that sincere and specific
repentance is how I can access and apply the atonement in my life!
President also told us we would no longer be having a transfer meeting
and it was a little shocking, but totally fine. It is a wonderful
feeling to be obedient and I know that this is what needs to happen!
We spent all day in the meeting and then did some shopping in
Louisville after. I am taking full advantage of being closer to the
city now!

On Friday we had Zone Conference and it was so fun and spiritually
uplifting. There is something about being surrounded by missionaries
that boosts me every time! I love being with people who are engaged in
the same work I am in! We had the same training from MLC, repentance
and atonement. It was even more powerful the second time! After The
meeting we went on exchanges with the LEX SUR Hermanas. I learned how
to pray in Spanish!! It was so cool! I was in Lexington for the day
with Hermana Rees who I came to the field with! A year later and we
are so different from the day we met! It was so fun to be in the
Spanish work. I didn't understand a drop of what was going on, but the
spirit made up for everything. I felt the spirit so powerfully as
Hermana Rees testified of the truth!

This weekend, BROTHER WALTERS WAS BAPTIZED!! It was a long time
coming. He is from a part member, returning member family! He is so
prepared. All week he was texting us saying how excited he was and on
Sunday we was able to enter into the waters of baptism and make sacred
promises with our Father in Heaven! It was so special! I am so excited
for him and his family to be able to be sealed! :)

We had two really amazing lessons this week! The first was a follow up
with a woman named Marisha. She was so open and let us right in. Her
kids were crazy during the lesson, but she told us at the end that she
already had a book of Mormon and would be baptized. She met with
elders a few years ago in Lexington! The spirit testified to her
throughout the lesson that this is true! It is still incredible to me
to watch that happen in someone else!

The second lesson was with a couple who at first the woman was
extremely reluctant, but was softened as we taught. (Sidenote, sister
R has an ear infection, so she can't hear very well at all.) The whole
time, the man was extremely open and receptive to our message, but she
was closed off. As the lesson progressed, she started to open up and
began to listen. The spirit totally softened her heart as she sat
there and heard the truth! At the end, she too told us she was going
to read the book of Mormon. Our claim of this being the one and only
true church really was intriguing to her. There were so many
instances in this lesson where sister R couldn't hear what was being
said, but the spirit filled her mouth and mine with the exact words
that needed to be said! I love lessons like that! :)

anyway! It was an exciting week! I will attach some pictures.

really know what to do! #Californiaprobs

much love from the freezing GKLM,
Sister Hannah

me and my girls after MLC
white stuff?

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It was freeeeezing!

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Hermanas Rees, Castillo, Resendez, smith

MLC and the doctors office

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Monday, January 4, 2016

"What is your why" for 2016?

Nothing starts the year off right except the craziest week, ever! This
week we had two exchanges and 1/2 a day non proselyting. We were
booked up solid it felt like.

Tuesday on exchanges, I was with sister Lloyd! She is amazing! We
taught a lady who said she already believed in the Book of Mormon
because her dad was a Mormon. What? How cool! She wouldn't set a bap
date, but we are working on her! Sister Lloyd and I had a blast in
Winchester tearing it up and talking with everyone! We taught sister
lynch the gospel of Jesus Christ and she had a few other questions
about tithing. I learned so much from sister Lloyd! She is so
energetic and loving; she makes sure everyone knows that they are
loved! We also taught Maria Flores at her brothers house and it was a
decently good lesson. Sister Lloyd and I stayed up late talking, she
just needs someone to talk to! I seriously love this girl so much! She
is awesome!

Wednesday we had DLCC and it was powerful. The zone leaders are
inspired. They pretty much tried to discern why our zone is lacking.
We were planning on talking about charity, but ended up talking about
faith and how we all need to increase our faith! Some people cancelled
on sister Lloyd and I and then we wrapped up the exchange and
exchanged back. I got my good ol companion back! I love getting sister
Resendez back after an exchange! We work so well together and I miss
her in the work in Winchester! That night we found and taught
Jacqueline, a referral and ate dinner at the wheelers! They are the
kindest people. They fed us delicious soup and made sure we have
everything we need. They also live .3 miles from us! Score! She is the
woman who did our laundry for us last week! Love them!

Thursday! New Year's Eve! We started out at district meeting and I
realized that all of the new elders are scared of me because I am so
bold? I guess? We did a role play in front of the entire district,
just one person at a time and the newbys were nervous to have me be
the person behind the door.... So I was matched up with the senior
couple husband. He did pretty well! We also taught chayanne today, a
17 year old and we also taut the johns!!!! They are the less active
family who wanted us to come over and teach and baptize their boys! We
taught them a powerful restoration lesson with Matt (a recent rm) and
the two youngest boys committed to a baptismal date! Please pray that
they will be baptized! :) they are so awesome! That night, Matt texted
us and said "do you have somewhere to eat tonight?" And we didn't so I
said no and he said back "I hope you find somewhere." This is our
relationship with Matt. He proceeded to invite us over. Yay for nye!
He is an omohundro, who we did Christmas with! We spent the evening
there determining our love languages and laughing our butts off.
That's what happens when you put 5 20 year olds together! I love that

Friday! We exchanged some other sisters, and I was with sister Hinton!
We went to their district meeting and then out to eat! The zone
leaders then pulled us aside after and trained us on the atonement,
these guys are inspired. They received revelation that the
missionaries are not using the redeeming and enabling power of the
atonement. Now we are able to attack the lack of faith from the deeper
concern! We get to ask all of our sisters and ourselves, "what Is your
why?" Ponder it. There are so many answers!

We met some super awesome people and I learned so much from SIster
Hinton, she is so humble! I need to be more humble! We met this guy
who has been investigating forever and I challenged him to read the
first four chapters of the Book of Mormon and pray, that night! He
said he would! We also had a really cool experience with Nate and
Austin, two guys we met on the side of the street! We shared the
restoration with them and they said it was the greatest message they
had ever heard. We pretty much did a mini resto lesson on the side of
the street right there and they said we could come back and that they
would be at church. We didn't even invite them to church at that
point, but they said they would be there. It was pretty cool! The
spirit was so strong!

Anyway, this week was craziness. Crazy good, crazy stressed, crazy
everything. It was a good week! I am grateful to be in Winchester and
I am grateful for the members who love me! It was so nice to walk into
church and get a bunch of hugs! I am so blessed here! I love it!

From the relief society lesson at church on Sunday: read the talk from
jan2010 liahona, the best is yet to be! It puts a whole new
perspective on New Years resolutions! Every day is a new day!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

Pictures are on the blog or Facebook!

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The district #9

Sent from my iPadResendez, me, carters, Olson, Johnson, Gould, Sorenson, Kloepfer, Loveall

I love Winchester!

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Exchanges with sister Hinton and israelson

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Happy 2016! Nye at the Omo's!

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Our buff Matt... Hahaha

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