Monday, May 30, 2016

Humidity rocks

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Heather and Sister Hutcherson at Heathers baptism!

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PS: you run really fast!

Sister Starkey and I have decided that we both have really weird
things happen to us individually on our missions. But combined, we
just have the weirdest and craziest things happen. For example, only
while we are using the bathroom at the library do all the lights go
out... And only in the bathroom is the power shut off. This doesn't
just happen to other people!

We have way too much fun together. I am so blessed to have round two with her!

So this week was a little crazy. Here are some of our stories!

1. WE FOUND AN INVESTIGATOR! Shelley! She is awesome! We were trying a
now former investigator and we stopped to talk to Shelly on her way
out of the complex. She was in a rush and we told her we would be back
that night. When we came she let us right in. We were able to share
the message of the restoration with her and she was understanding of
what we taught. She told us that she really wanted to read and explore
the Book of Mormon because she had never been exposed to it. We are
excited to see her progression in the gospel!
We had a cool experience in the lesson where she was inquiring about
baptism. We extended the invitation to be baptized and she didn't
understand why she needed to be baptized again. We explained about
priesthood authority and then she brought up the concern that baptism
isn't actually necessary. So we flipped with her to John 3:5 and
shared it. She was surprised to see it in "her bible" and not only
that but she had it highlighted. It reminded me of the scripture that
talks about how we won't be confounded before men when they bring up
points against the doctrine if we put in our effort into studying and
how they will be confounded because the spirit testifies of truth.
They just don't know what to say. I love how bold and true the
scriptures are.

2. Sister Starkey and I tried to find a less active. We drove past the
house and missed it, so we turned around and missed the narrow
driveway, so we had to turn around again. In between the second pass
of the house we realized this woman was sitting outside on her porch.
As we turned back around she BOOKED IT into her house. Dang she ran
fast! And as usual we still go up to try and talk to her. She didn't
answer the door, typical of someone who runs from us, and we left a
note. The note read as follows: "hey sister oglesby! We are sad that
we missed you! We are both new to the area and wanted to get to know
you! Please give us a call! -the sister missionaries." And the nice
little touch on the back "ps, you run really fast!" I really hope she
has a good sense of humor!

3. Last Sunday after church, a sister who served here stopped by our
house to give us a referral. Tender mercy! On Wednesday we decided to
go and stop by! The Vaal's were taught by missionaries in the past and
the previous missionary said that we should go see them because they
are potentially ready now! We pulled up just in time to meet them
outside and we were able to talk to brother and sister Vaal and
address some of their concerns from the past. It was amazing to see
how much they had changed from the previous missionaries records until
now. Sister Vaal said "I would be a member, I feel drawn to the
church, I just have some hang ups with Joseph smith." Done. We can
help resolve those. They are both so humble and ready to receive the
fullness of the gospel! It is incredible! We are so excited! That is
two more investigators to add to our teaching pool. We are being so
blessed!:) We were able to share the restoration with them later in
the week and they were so accepting of it all. They believe the Book
of Mormon is true and that the church is good, but they just need a
testimony of Joseph Smith! Please pray that brother and sister Vaal
can receive that testimony!

Later that night while out walking, we met a super funny guy named
jimmy who told us: "You go out and you get a career and you kick
*butt* and then you say here I am come and get me! BUT DONT GET
MARRIED UNTIL YOURE AT LEAST 25. You two are beautiful girls. Go out
and kick *butt*!!!!!" It definitely gave us a good laugh. He clearly
doesn't understand Mormon culture.

4. The coolest miracle I saw for myself this week was late one night
as we were walking to hit our TWE (talk with everyone) goal. We needed
5 more people to reach our goal and it was 8:30pm. It was dark and
Erie. The calm before the storm. We started walking the faith cycle.
Literally, used our chevro-legs and went out. No one was outside. No
one. We managed to stop two people on a motor cycle, ran and stopped a
lady getting out of her driveway and still needed two more. As we
walked past an empty garage I felt the Spirit prompt me "yell 'hello
how are you?'" I thought about it, thought how weird it was, but I did
it anyway. What could it hurt right? Well, nothing happens from the
garage. We keep walking and as I look inside the house as we walk by,
I see a woman approach the open window and yell out at us "hello? Who
are you?" What the heck? Yes! She heard us from her kitchen and came
to talk to us! It was so bizarre and crazy but a TWE nonetheless! As
we finished our walk home, three more people were placed in our path
and we were able to exceed our goal. God provides as we do what he
directs! Isaiah 55:8-9 ¶For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are
higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my
thoughts than your thoughts. I know that that it true!

The highlight of the week though was when I found out Heather, a good
friend I was teaching in Louisville, got baptized! I am so excited for
her and the covenant she made with our Heavenly Father this weekend!
Congratulations Heather! :)

The gospel is true, the teachings are sound. I know that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God. I love this work with all of my heart! It
truly is the Lord's work!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

Sister Starkey and me :)

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Last nights sunset

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The one stoplight in town!

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Ice cream on the river front!

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Monday, May 23, 2016

The famous white squirrels of Olney, IL

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Emergency transfer!

This week was one for the books, that is for sure!

I got a new companion! Well, she isn't new to me, but she is new in
the middle of the transfer! Sister Starkey from way back when in
somerset is my new companion! It is awesome to be with her because now
we both know what we are doing and are ready to go out and kill it! We
have both changed so much since last year! Haha it has been cool to
see the changes and maturity in ourselves! :) Who would have know that
at 16 months out I would get my trainee back because of an emergency
transfer! Haha crazy stuff!

Sister Starkey and I had such a great exchange that we just decided to
stay together! So we spent a few days in Olney and then came back to
mount Vernon together. Haha we really did have a wonderful time in
Olney. We decided Wednesday morning that we were going to apply some
PMG principle/ promise to the elder Koipsckhe faith walk. So we took
the principle from "addressing the importance of family" section in
chapter 9 and talked to everyone about their family. We were so
blessed! We taught two random other lessons which resulted in two new
investigators and were also able to get in to two less actives homes
and teach them as well. We spent the evening in a cute town called
Flora and saw a lot of success there talking with everyone and
teaching the less actives. The Lord provided as we took a step of
faith! It was so incredible!

When we returned back to Mount Vernon, nothing had been done here. I
don't know what they, my old companion and sister starkey's old
companion, did for the three days, but it was not productive. I feel
like I am white washing right now, but it is going to be good because
sister Starkey and I are going to get things up and running so she
will be fully prepared to train here! Binding the Lord is my favorite
doctrine to apply. I continually see the blessings as I bind him with
obedience. we are definitely seeing miracles as we just hunker down
and get of work!

I am excited to be here and working hard now with sister Starkey! Pray
that we can find more people because we are back at square one! Even
when the going gets a little tough, it is still so worth it! This is
the Lord's work and he provides! Here's to another great week in Mount

Much love,
Sister Hannah

My new old companion! Sister Starkey!

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A district picture, but not my district haha

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Monday, May 16, 2016

MLC with the stls

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Face swap with grant racer πŸ˜‚

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Down by the river front

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Elder Koipschke conference with my girls!

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We only had two days to proselytize!

I blinked and this week was over. There was a lot of traveling and not
a lot of time with sister O'Keeffe! Haha it was a crazy week here! We
had an exchange and a conference and then MLC. Sister O'Keeffe and I
were together 2 full days total. Haha I don't know how that he opened.
The weeks just FLY BY!

I went on an exchange this week in Evansville, in. I was with a
Spanish speaking sister. It was such a nice change. I totally needed
it! We were able to work hard! That night Hermana starling flipped on
the ac and we got in our beds and were about to fall asleep. She heard
this clicking sound outside and said "that's weird, I have never heard
that before." So we go on our merry way and I look outside there's a
man pacing are length of the sidewalk. So I look over at hermana
starling and I ask her "do you know this guy?" And she looks at me and
says "no I've never seen him before" and so then we started to freak
out. He had been pacing for 10 minutes. He walked over to his car and
got a flashlight and started walking in the grass and shining the
flashlight in our bedroom! So we're hiding in our beds
trying not to let him see us in the light he is shining in our bedroom
window and we're sitting there trying to figure out what to do. So we
called the district leader elder Crystal, and he was about the bike
over when I felt like I should just pop my head out the window and ask
him "what the heck are you doing bro?" So we open the first panel of
the window and I thought that that was it so I got to stick my head
out the window and bust my head on the second panel of the window
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and then I opened that and talk to the guy. turns out our
air-conditioning unit was sparking and was about to catch our building
on fire! He had seen the sparks from across the parking lot and heard
the clicking noise that we had heard from earlier and came to
investigate the situation. He quite literally saved our lives. He then
waited for the maintenance man to come and fix the air conditioner
outside for 30 minutes. After all was said and done and the air
conditioning unit had been turned off, The man disappeared into the
darkness and didn't even walk into an apartment. We have no idea who
he was but he was definitely a guardian angel for us that night.

On Thursday we drove to new Albany, in (across the river from
Louisville) and had a multi zone conference with elder Koipschke, a
member of the seventy, it was legit. Such a great conference. I
learned so much about what I can do to change and be better. We were
taught a lot about changing and how to increase our faith! We first
have to start with a DESIRE and then place that desire in our heart
and start to exercise it, show God that we want something. They we
can't cast it out because it doesn't happen in 2 minutes. We continue
to exercise it. Then, then we are blessed with an increase of faith!

Saturday and Wednesday we saw some awesome miracles!

On Wednesday we were trying to beat the storm, and we saw a woman
sitting on her porch so we stopped to talk to her. She tried to blow
us off and told us to go away but we didn't listen. We continued to
talk to her and as we did she started to cry. She was a little bit
drunk but she was definitely struggling with something. We were able
to testify to her of the saviors love and how he can help her. We
ended up talking to her for 25 minutes And teaching her simply about
the atonement. By the end of our conversation, she asked us to come
back into teach her more. It was amazing to see her heart softened
over the course of the 25 minutes as we taught and testified of the
atonement of Jesus Christ.

After we left we tried to get away from the storm and ended up at the
racer household where we waited out the tornado. The sirens were
blaring and it was better to play it safe than sorry. Flat land of
Indiana problems.

On Saturday, we were out trying appointment and that bailing on us we
walked around the corner to try our back up plan. Well, she wasn't
home either. So we talked to the people in the parking lot of the
apartment complex. We were extremely rude to us didn't want anything
to do with the homey's ask for referral the woman said "who do I want
to play a cruel joke on today?" And then proceeded to give us her
neighbor as a referral! I don't care who the referral is everyone
needs Jesus Christ. So what are we do? we go and we knock on the
neighbors door. Haley was extremely receptive to us and let us right
in. We were able to teach her the restoration of the gospel and she
was excited to hear more. Missionary work and the lives that
missionaries really blew her brain. #Miracle

I love this work so much and I know that it truly is the work of the
Lord! I know it is true!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

MLC with elder Koipschke

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The sister training leaders with sister Koipschke!

Monday, May 9, 2016

I also got to Skype the family! Blessings!

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The bridge to Illinois

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And off to Illinois too! Just across the river!

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Well I ain't in ky anymore!

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Cute Main Street

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New harmony, in

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Winchester reunion!

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Good ol Mt. Vernon!

Hi y'all!

I guess I can't really say that anymore because I'm not in Kentucky!
Haha! Indiana is definitely a change of everything. It is flat here! I
miss Kentucky like no other. It is so weird to not say "so how long
have you been in Kentucky?" Now it's "how long have you been in
Indiana?" Not much happened this week, so not much to report on!

Last Monday we had an insanely awesome pday. We went our with a bang.
Sister Holt and I ventured up to downtown Louisville and had THE hot
brown. From the brown hotel. It was delicious. Oh so very good! We
topped off our lunch with a slice of derby pie. The whole Kentucky
experience I have been waiting for for 15 months finally was had.
Delightful. At the end of the night we went and contacted a referral
from a member in the shively branch. We met and taught Eboni. It was
an emotional lesson for her because she had just experienced a really
difficult trial. At the end of teaching her, she asked about spiritual
gifts and if we believed in them. I had a really cool experience as
the spirit brought back to my mind where they were in the Book of
Mormon. He also reminded me of the lesson brother stettler taught in
somerset. Because of that knowledge that the spirit was able to draw
upon, we were able to answer her question! It was so cool to once
again see the promise fulfilled in the doctrine and covenants. (D&C
84:85 Neither take ye thought beforehand what ye shall say; but
treasure up in your minds continually the words of life, and it shall
be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto
every man.)

We travelled to a place called New Harmony, IN. It is an old utopian
society. It was so gorgeous but had really creepy vibes. There is a
lot of potential there! That is also where all of our pictures are

Sister O'Keeffe and I had a unique week. This is going to be an
interesting transfer. We did see a sweet and simple miracle though! We
were out trying a potential investigator and sister o suggested that
we knock on another door. So we did and devion answered the door. He
said he didn't have time to talk but we asked him if he had five
Minutes. He agreed and we were able to teach him the restoration and
set a baptismal date! It was awesome!

I love this work so much! I know that it truly is the work of the
Lord! This is His mission! Here's to the last few months of killing
it, finishing strong and going out with a bang!

So much love from the GKLM!
Sister Hannah

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Friday, May 6, 2016

With Due Respect And Humanity

     Dearest One,
     With Due Respect And Humanity,Let me first of
 all inform you, I got your email address from a mail
 Directory and decided to mail you, permission to go ahead.
     I am MrsANDREW SHARON from Switzerland. I am
 married to Mr.Tom Edward who worked with a
 (CONSTRUCTION COMPANY IN ASIA) for twenty Years before he
 died in the tsunami disasters, we were married but without
 Any children.
     I am now suffering from long time breast
 Cancer and Cancer of the lungs, from all indication my
 condition is really deterioration and it is quite obvious
 that i won't live more than 2 months according to my doctor,
 this is because the cancer stage has gotten to a very bad
  Since the death of my  husband I decided not to
 re-marry. he deposited the sum of six million five hundred
 thousand united states dollars( $6.5million) with the
 bank in Abidjan Cote D' Ivoire. And now i am willing to
 donate this sum of $6.5million to the less privilegeds and
 to contribute to development of church in Africa, America,
 Asia, and Europoe.
 My late husband was a very wealthy and after his death, I
 inherited all his business and wealth, Presently this money
 is still with the bank and the management just Wrote me as
 the beneficiary to come forward to receive the money or
 rather Issue a letter of authorization to somebody to
 receive it on my behalf If I cannot come over.
  I am presently in a hospital where I have been undergoing
 treatment Cancer of the lungs in a hospital , I have since
 lost my ability To talk and my doctors have told me that I
 have only a few months to Live. Please i want you to note
 that this money is lying in the Bank in Abidjan Cote D'
     I want a person that is trustworthy that will
 utilize 90% of this money to fund churches, orphanages and
 widows around the world but in my name ANDREW JOY As soon
 as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the
 bank.I will also issue you a letter of authority that will
 prove you as The new beneficiary of this fund.
     Please assure me that you will act accordingly
 as I stated here and Keep this contact confidential till
 such a time this funds get to your Custody,this is to ensure
 that nothing jeopardizes my last wish on Earth.
     you can contact me for further explanation
     Thanks and God bless you
     I await your urgent reply.on

Monday, May 2, 2016

Such a cool place!

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Blue skies and sunshine at Churchill downs

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Churchill downs last week

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Jackson, Heather, Linda, me, sis holt, Noah the gang ❤️

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Brother Chad!!!

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Birthday celebrations with the fam!

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Jackson, Heather, Chad, Linda, sister Ray, sis holt, me, noah


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Au Revoir Louisville; Adios Kentucky!

Well. This week was flipped upside down on Saturday. It was a great
week. It has been a great transfer. I'm headed out though. After six
short weeks in Louisville, it is time to pack up (I'm not even
unpacked yet!) again and ship out. To Mt. Vernon, Indiana I go!
Au Revoir Louisville; Adios Kentucky! It has been a wonderful and
glorious 15 months. I assume I will spend my last three months in
Indiana, but I'm not going to get comfortable. Haha.

We taught a lot of amazing lessons this week. We got to see brother
Chad and sister heather and sister Hutcherson a lot. We taught them
about the importance of baptism and Heather is now working towards a
baptismal date! I am seriously so excited for her! Brother Chad will
follow along soon. He is coming! On Friday it was sister Holt's 22nd
birthday and we went to ocharleys to celebrate! They clumped my
birthday in there too! It was a blast! I love this family so much,
they truly are my family!

I was also blessed to go on exchange win sister Jensen in Paoli,
Indiana! It was reminiscent of somerset. My heart was at home. I miss
the country so much, I really do. I am grateful to be going back! :) I
will miss Louisville, but it will be a nice change of pace again!
Sister Jensen is seriously incredible. I took her spot here in
Brookside. She is a fireball powerful missionary!

We saw some sweet miracles this week! On Tuesday we had a bunch of set
appointments. Every single one of them fell through. But as we walked
away from the door we were supposed to be at, someone was placed in
our path who either we taught right there on the spot or gave us a
referral for someone who we would teach on the spot. We were able to
hit our goal of three other lessons taught that night. Blessings of
the Lord!

I love this work and am excited to continue it in Indiana!

So much love from then GKLM,
Sister Hannah

Highlights from Louisville:

-I ate 1/2 an apple pie with sister holt for dinner one night. It was
a rough day. It was a liberating experience. Also a first.
-we got a really flat tire and a random man changed it for us.
-Beverly Robinson and organic food.
-we saw Churchill downs and the Louisville slugger museum
-we talked to over 800 people!
-the hutcherson gang!

District #11

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HermAna Rees, Hermana little, sister holt, me, elder Andrews holding
elder matelau (he was in the hospital) elder Benard and elder Larsen