Monday, May 16, 2016

We only had two days to proselytize!

I blinked and this week was over. There was a lot of traveling and not
a lot of time with sister O'Keeffe! Haha it was a crazy week here! We
had an exchange and a conference and then MLC. Sister O'Keeffe and I
were together 2 full days total. Haha I don't know how that he opened.
The weeks just FLY BY!

I went on an exchange this week in Evansville, in. I was with a
Spanish speaking sister. It was such a nice change. I totally needed
it! We were able to work hard! That night Hermana starling flipped on
the ac and we got in our beds and were about to fall asleep. She heard
this clicking sound outside and said "that's weird, I have never heard
that before." So we go on our merry way and I look outside there's a
man pacing are length of the sidewalk. So I look over at hermana
starling and I ask her "do you know this guy?" And she looks at me and
says "no I've never seen him before" and so then we started to freak
out. He had been pacing for 10 minutes. He walked over to his car and
got a flashlight and started walking in the grass and shining the
flashlight in our bedroom! So we're hiding in our beds
trying not to let him see us in the light he is shining in our bedroom
window and we're sitting there trying to figure out what to do. So we
called the district leader elder Crystal, and he was about the bike
over when I felt like I should just pop my head out the window and ask
him "what the heck are you doing bro?" So we open the first panel of
the window and I thought that that was it so I got to stick my head
out the window and bust my head on the second panel of the window
😂😂😂😂😂 and then I opened that and talk to the guy. turns out our
air-conditioning unit was sparking and was about to catch our building
on fire! He had seen the sparks from across the parking lot and heard
the clicking noise that we had heard from earlier and came to
investigate the situation. He quite literally saved our lives. He then
waited for the maintenance man to come and fix the air conditioner
outside for 30 minutes. After all was said and done and the air
conditioning unit had been turned off, The man disappeared into the
darkness and didn't even walk into an apartment. We have no idea who
he was but he was definitely a guardian angel for us that night.

On Thursday we drove to new Albany, in (across the river from
Louisville) and had a multi zone conference with elder Koipschke, a
member of the seventy, it was legit. Such a great conference. I
learned so much about what I can do to change and be better. We were
taught a lot about changing and how to increase our faith! We first
have to start with a DESIRE and then place that desire in our heart
and start to exercise it, show God that we want something. They we
can't cast it out because it doesn't happen in 2 minutes. We continue
to exercise it. Then, then we are blessed with an increase of faith!

Saturday and Wednesday we saw some awesome miracles!

On Wednesday we were trying to beat the storm, and we saw a woman
sitting on her porch so we stopped to talk to her. She tried to blow
us off and told us to go away but we didn't listen. We continued to
talk to her and as we did she started to cry. She was a little bit
drunk but she was definitely struggling with something. We were able
to testify to her of the saviors love and how he can help her. We
ended up talking to her for 25 minutes And teaching her simply about
the atonement. By the end of our conversation, she asked us to come
back into teach her more. It was amazing to see her heart softened
over the course of the 25 minutes as we taught and testified of the
atonement of Jesus Christ.

After we left we tried to get away from the storm and ended up at the
racer household where we waited out the tornado. The sirens were
blaring and it was better to play it safe than sorry. Flat land of
Indiana problems.

On Saturday, we were out trying appointment and that bailing on us we
walked around the corner to try our back up plan. Well, she wasn't
home either. So we talked to the people in the parking lot of the
apartment complex. We were extremely rude to us didn't want anything
to do with the homey's ask for referral the woman said "who do I want
to play a cruel joke on today?" And then proceeded to give us her
neighbor as a referral! I don't care who the referral is everyone
needs Jesus Christ. So what are we do? we go and we knock on the
neighbors door. Haley was extremely receptive to us and let us right
in. We were able to teach her the restoration of the gospel and she
was excited to hear more. Missionary work and the lives that
missionaries really blew her brain. #Miracle

I love this work so much and I know that it truly is the work of the
Lord! I know it is true!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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