Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Call. . . Dear Sister Hannah,

From I Am HIS Daughter:

The day is FINALLY HERE.

Today is the day I go home to open the envelope that holds the next 18 months of my life.  

So many emotions. 

I woke up and it was raining! I love the rain.  I love falling asleep to it, I love playing in it, I love every aspect of it.  I had to take a test before anything so I went and took my biology test.  I did well, 90%, and then came home and packed.  I still had so much time to kill.  I wasn't supposed to leave until 1:30pm.. it was only 11:30am.  Kristi, Ally and I decided to go to the temple to do baptisms.  When we got there, we were saddened to see that the baptistry was already closed because of the women's conference later tonight.  Bummer! We came back home and I wasted some more time, fixing my hair, getting ready to drive down to SLC and then I headed to Dennis's to get a blessing before I headed out.  The blessing was so powerful and he said things that I needed to hear.  I love blessings because of that.  I didn't tell him that I was struggling with accepting where ever I am called, but in the blessing he blessed me that I would have a confirmation that I would know I am going where I am going because I am supposed to be there.  I am so grateful for priesthood blessings and that Dennis lives his life in such a way where he can receive that specific revelation.  The time came when I had to get on the road and I said my goodbyes and headed out.  

I last all of about 15 minutes before it was a constant stream of tears down my face.  From about Rigby, ID all the way to Salt Lake City, UT it was happy tears and sad tears.  Excited tears and worried tears.  I went back and forth from "Oh my gosh!!! I am going on a mission!!!" to "oh my gosh.. I am going on a mission... holy cow."  I am ready to be off this emotional roller coaster to say the least!  (but I know I am not getting off any time soon...)  The entire drive down, I also kept having the feeling that I was going to South America... like I was seriously convinced. The car ride wasn't as long as I thought it would be, but it was as emotional as I thought it would be.  It poured all the way from Idaho Falls to Salt Lake.  Rainy roads + sobbing eyes wasn't the best combination, but I made it safely to the airport.  

I was flying JetBlue and so I already had my boarding pass, I wasn't checking any bags and I was hungry.  Straight to the security line I went.  I got through in about 5 minutes and then had a hour to kill before my flight took off.  I went and got PeiWei for dinner and ran into Brother and Sister Stapleton from the Saddleback YSA ward! I was excited to see a familiar face! Surprise, they were on my flight too! How awesome! 

The flight was the LONGEST flight of my life... like seriously all 100 minutes of it felt like eternity.  I was so so so excited to land and be picked up so I could run home and open my call! I was so close. SO CLOSE.  

My mom picked me up from the airport and I was anxious to get my booty home! She surprised me with the cutest presents.  She got me two sets of stationary for investigators, a scripture-a-day calendar and my very own set of mission scriptures, WITH my name engraved on them- Sister Madeline Hannah! I was and still am so excited for all of it! :) I love every single part! 

FINALLY, after hitting some traffic, I arrived home! 

I have my call... in my very hands. 

THIS is so real.  

Where in the world?! Can't even contain my excitement.

I had to wait for everyone to get there and get Dennis on FaceTime.  I didn't want the most important people in my life to miss this!! 

It was finally finally finally time! 
The moment I have been waiting for since July 1st!

Finally time to open the envelope! 
I can't even believe this is happening to me right now. 

"Dear Sister Hannah:"
"You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."
"You are assigned to labor in the Kentucky Louisville Mission." 

"Please report to the Provo MTC on January 7th, 2015.  Prepare to preach the gospel in the English Language."

 shock. JOY. relief.

I can't even believe this is real life! 

I am going to Kentucky!!! 

It's official. I am going to be a sister missionary! 

Opening my call was such a special experience.  The feelings of confirmation were real and strong.  Being surrounded by my family and closest friends was exactly what I needed! I am so grateful for all of those who were there with me. 
I am so thankful for all of these wonderful people in my life!  
  • My mom & dad for all of the support that they have given me my entire life.
  • My Aunt Ronnee, Declan, Dailee and Damon, even in their PJ's!
  • Anne Chun, for being a second mom growing up.
  • Leslie and Katie, the two best friends I could have ever asked for.  #babesquad
  • Brother and Sister Christensen, the most amazing YW president I could have ever asked for and amazing husband. 
  • Paige Sanford, Brother and Sister Sanford, for being there since the beginning of reactivation and helping me through so much! 
  • My dear best friend, Dennis, and my sweet roommates Ally, Aggie and Estela.  I was able to FaceTime them in and was so grateful they were able to see me open my call and feel that sweet spirit too! :)
  • Sadly, my brothers were at the homecoming dance, but I was able to share my good news with them when they got home! I am sad they missed it, but they know where my heart and testimony is! I love them dearly! 


my amazing YW president, Sister Melanie Christensen

Paigey, been there for it all! 

my cute aunt and cousins! 

I could not have imagined this experience any other way.  I am so beyond excited to go and serve the people of Louisville in January! I am relived that my call is stateside and English speaking, but ultimately I would have gone wherever the Lord called me.  I know my call was assigned by Him, through prayer.  I cannot wait to get out there and serve! Here is to the best 18 months of my life! :) 

Sister Hannah

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