Monday, July 20, 2015

Fwd: Mike & Brenda, BAPTIZED!

Hello to all of my people!

Honestly this week was hard, but it was absolutely worth it. That is how the week before a baptism goes though! The greatest triumph of this week was that MIKE & BRENDA GOT BAPTIZED! After a six month journey, they were finally able to enter into the waters of baptism and make sacred covenants with Heavenly Father! It was the most glorious day! Granted, it was a little crazy and hectic getting to the actual baptism and confirmation, but it all ended well! We had to re teach some stuff (by that I mean all of the commandments and laws/ordinances) in two days and then get them interviewed, but it all worked out!  We forgot to make the programs at branch coordination, so Friday night we went "CRAP!" And then the programs had the wrong name on the front. The water was a little hot and we thought we would have a piano that played (press a key & played a recording) but nope! It was all good. Nice try satan, but you didn't win! Sister starkey played the piano, the water cooled down and they were able to be baptized and we were the only ones running around with our heads cut off like a chicken. BUT. THEY WERE BAPTIZED. Happy happy day! 

Some other miracles we saw this week:
 We have been tirelessly entering old paper records into our iPads. This is the most tedious job ever. So many records, but we have to do it. There was a specific record of a lady named Julie and her record stood out to both sister Starkey and I. We decided to give her a call and she was so excited to hear from us! She had lost touch with the missionaries and was still interested! We set up an appointment and then she texted us and said "I am living with someone who wants to talk to other also!" We were STOKED! Blessings of getting these records in! So we go to meet her and this mystery person. We pull up and she is outside with a less active, Jessie, who I had recently lost touch with because he had moved! WE FOUND HIM, WE FOUND A NEW INVESTIGATOR and they are both so anxious to learn! It truly was the greatest blessing from Heavenly Father! :) 

All week we have been praying for new investigators, binding the Lord. We may not have seen a new investigator each day, but as we dedicated at least one hour to finding each day, we have found some specific child of God that needed to talk to us.  It has been incredible watching the hand of the Lord in our work! He is so aware of each and every one of us! 

To top off the week, we were able to go to Lexington last night with Cora and the Stettlers to the mission home fireside. It was an incredible testimony meeting. My very first convert, Kathy, spoke and told of her conversion story. I could not stop smiling the entire time. My joy was so full. The changes the gospel brings are absolutely marvelous. There are no words to describe how miraculous these changes are. I know through Christ, anything can be changed or accomplished. Rely on Him! :) 

That's all really! The work is amazing, is rains SHEETS here... Randomly there are down pours and instead of running to the car, you take a shower. It is wonderful, soaked to he bone always. I know this is the work of God. He is how we accomplish everything we do! I love his work, I love the Lord and I love Kentucky!

Much love,
sister Hannah

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