Monday, July 13, 2015

Greenie Fire!


THIS WEEK, I GOT MY BABY!! Sister Starkey has arrived!! She is from Spanish Fork, Utah and is so excited to be here in Kentucky! I absolutely adore her and we get along so well! She is super cute and wants to work hard! :) WOOP WOOP!! Here we go!

On Tuesday I received Sister Starkey! We got well acquainted on our three hour drive back to Somerset! It is a gorgeous ride, way prettier than anything I have ever seen! I absolutely LOVE Kentucky countryside!

Wednesday was Sister Strakey's first full day in the field! It was an up and down day, a pretty typical one.  It started with a nice face plant on the pavement during our morning run and she scraped up both knees, her hands and elbows.  Thankfully, she was all good and we kept going.  The rest of the day, the majority of our plan fell through, we tried everything, but it happens! That is missionary life! Not the best entrance into the field, but the next day got better? I thought.

We weekly planned, all of our plans went through and everything was awesome! It is days like these that I have to remind myself that she is brand new! She doesn't act it at all!

On Friday we had district meeting and it went so well! After that we had to bike up a huge hill, we were turned down by almost everyone and some random lady started to scream at us for preaching.  It was a ROUGH day, but amid all of it, Sister Starkey pressed forward with faith and said "I don't care, let's keep going!" That's my girl!!

On Saturday we had two investigators get married and they will be baptized next week! mike and Brenda are truly the sweetest people ever and they are a solid couple! We were the wedding planners and it was so awesome! That night we also drove really far and used a lot of miles to see an investigator who we needed a phone number from.  Their porch was being guarded by dogs and they wouldn't budge.  we tried everything we could to get these dang dogs to move and not bite us, but nothing worked.  It was either do something to get someone outside or drop these investigators.  Sister Starkey received the revelation to yell at the house, because we knew they were home so we literally stood outside their house screaming "IS NATHANIEL HOME? THIS IS THE SISTER MISSIONARIES!" IT WORKED! his dad came out and we got the phone number! :) It was wonderful!! After a crazy week, that was the miracle we needed to see!

I would write more, but I am almost out of time! Check out the pictures! :)

I love this work, I love being a missionary and experiencing the JOY! :)

llife if swell!

Much love from the GKLM,
sister Hannah


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