Monday, June 20, 2016

Charlestown, IN. Week 1! :)

Hello from Charlestown!

My companion is sister Windley! I've always admired her and so I'm
stoked to finally be her companion! All we do is work and work and
work and exchange and exchange and exchange and be very very tired. At
least that's how this week went. I'm so exhausted, but these are
literally the best weeks!

Wednesday I swear was the hottest day of my life! I just wanted to
jump in a pool or the river that we were walking next to. Humidity is
killer, but it makes for sympathetic people who want to let us in and
give us water. :)

On Friday we went to district meeting! Elder waite, my first district
leader, is also my last district leader. So that's really crazy.
Sister Schultz is also in my district! After district meeting we
exchanged and I went to Salem with Sister Schultz! It was an awesome
exchange we didn't sit still for more than two minutes. Those are my
favorite kind of days! Salem is a bumpin area. they are teaching so
many people. We taught five lessons the first day I was there and then
three more the next morning. I would say that's pretty successful. We
ran into a lady named Laura and the sisters had given her a book of
Mormon two weeks ago. So we went to see if she would be interested in
listening. When we walked in we really had to go to the bathroom,
typical sister Hannah, so after Laura told us how she had read up to
Mosiah! She said "I've just been
reading it on my breaks. But I'm not that far." We are able to teach
her the restoration and at the end she was so grateful that we came by
and share this message with her. On top of that she had been talking
with her husband about the book of Mormon and he seemed pretty
interested too. So that was a huge blessing because normally when we
find a woman the husband antis her or vice versa. Laura excepted the
bap date!

Back in Charlestown on Thursday we found our miracle of the week,
brother newby! He was at the house of the actual guy we were looking
for but was interested in listening to your message. So we taught him
a quick restoration, set a baptismal date, and had to go to another
appointment, but he invited us over again. We came over and he was
anxious to read the book of Mormon with us because he hadn't read. He
had a lot of questions and asked about All of the commitments we were
going to extend before we could even extend them. He wants to be a
full-time missionary just like us! He has recently had some rough
times and is humble and ready to turn his life around. He knows that
God sent us to him. He came to church and he loved it. It was
cool because it was my first Sunday and his for Sunday so we were able
to be introduced to everyone together and it wasn't as awkward as it
could have been. He is so awesome and hopefully will be able to move
his baptismal date up so that I can be here for it! He was asking
about what Mormons believe and how to live a Mormon lifestyle, so in
sacrament meeting we gave him a for strength of youth pamphlet and
he read the whole thing. He ate it up and loved it! He is excited to
be learning and growing in the gospel.

All is wonderful and magnificent!
So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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