Monday, February 9, 2015

Rookie Mistake and a BAPTISM!

Hello all!! This week was slow for the work, but we did indeed have a baptism!!!! 

Kathy is the newest member of the church!! And I love her to death!! :) Watching her testimony grow and develop is one of the sweetest blessings!! 

A couple of tender mercies and miracles from this week: 

-We received a referral and thought it was a bad address..  The street wasn't on our map and it was no where on the street we thought it was supposed to be on.  When we were walking home Sister Heiner just happened to notice the street we were looking for!! We were able to find the girl and set up a return appointment!!

-KATHY WAS BAPTIZED!!! We forgot to arrange a ride home from the church and so after calling almost everyone in our phone book with no luck, we started to hoof it... with a package and a bag of wet baptismal clothing.  OK, keep in mind, this is not short walk.  Probably 2-3 miles and not on side streets... on main road.  We had barely gone about a mile and some members pulled over and asked us if we needed a ride.  YES.  THANK YOU!!! They they proceeded to feed us TX BBQ and it was so delicious!! Thank you Brother and Sister Ramsay!! :) The other tender mercy from that day was we still had an extra 30 minutes from our lunch hour and we were able to take a nap... because Sister Heiner and I were both extremely exhausted.  It was awesome!! :)  OH and it was also 62 degrees!!! BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!

Loving the work and the people here!! The ward is amazing and everyone is so nice!!!

Here is the rookie mistake of my week: 

Rookie Mistake #1: the bike.
This is a typical rookie mistake. Not to mention I looked pretty ditsy when this happened too. Sister Heiner and I had ridden our bikes a few times previous to this day and my bike was really hard to ride. I put it off as I was out of shape and in a new environment with a heavy bag on my back. I knew in the back of my head though, that all of my time spent at the gym on the bike didn't go to waste. I was frustrated with myself that I couldn't keep up with Sister Heiner because I knew I could do better. I told myself I would get better and build up more endurance as the days went on and as the weather got warmer. I figured that I was just needed more leg muscle. So Tuesday rolls around. Sister Heiner has the genius idea to check our tire pressure. I felt my tires prior to her checking the PSI and they felt perfectly fine to me. The front tire was a little squishy, but I honestly thought it was fine. I later learned I clearly did not press hard enough. So we check to see what the pressure should be and the tire tells us between 50 and 75 PSI. Ok, not a problem. We have the bike pump and it has a meter on it. So we check the actual tire pressure and the front tire was at 13 PSI. THIRTEEN. HAHAHA. OK so at this point I am just baffled that I was able to be riding this bike. This tire is SO FLAT. Sister Heiner is a doll and pumped my tire for me. So then (here is the best part) we check the back tire. It is also supposed to be between 50 and 75 PSI. It was at 10 PSI. At this point I am just dying of laughter and my rookie mistakes. I have pretty much zero bike experience, let alone thinking to check the tires. So we pump the back tire up, check her tires and then get on the road to our appointments. Not only was my bike INCREDIBLY easier to ride, I was able to KEEP UP. I knew that all of those nights at the gym were worth something!!! I knew I wasn't a complete loss!! My leg muscle is still there and I am actually doing better that I thought I would with the hills. Thankful for my previous 'training' at the gym to be a bike missionary!

Sister Hannah

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