Monday, February 23, 2015

The Laughing Stock of Richmond.

So it really feels like there is not much more to report on this week because I feel like I just emailed... because I did!!

Here are some highlights! 

Thursday: Sister Heiner and I turned into popsicles.  Our toes completely froze, it was -10 probably and it was miserable until we warmed up.  

Friday: We had a trainer/ trainee meeting at the Richmond building and when we showed up, there was NO electricity!!!!  So we froze for some time until our awesome ward building coordinator got it fixed! We were prepared with warm coats and layers, but all of the elders were not prepared!  When the electricity finally came back on it was such an incredible blessing!! :) 

Saturday: Freezing rain.  The weirdest thing this California girl has seen.  Not only did it completely SOAK me from head to toe, but it froze instantly!! So bizarre!! Then we were just wet an miserable walking around.  BUT the Christensen's saved the day, like they always do! They were able to give us a few rides here and there to save out boots- Which were completely soaked, through and through.  It was not my favorite.  

Sunday: I LOVE SUNDAYS.  The spirit is always so strong and marvelous. I love the spirit I feel at church and that I am able to partake of the Sacrament.  Helen was taught that night also and she felt the spirit!! Helen is the sweetest woman who has trouble remembering the things we teach her.  She was able to listen to the Book of Mormon and just started sobbing because she could feel that it was true in her heart.  It is these tender mercies that really make the work SO worth it!! 

If you want to pray specifically for my investigators here are some names!!

Helen- that she will be able to remember
Jill- that she will continue to progress and make the right decisions 
Katie- that she will be able to come to church and set a baptismal date! 

all of your prayers are appreciated and felt.  I feel them life me up all the time!!

I love you all! :) 

Much love, 
Sister Hannah

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