Monday, October 12, 2015

Zombies need the Gospel too!

Go go go week! It was crazy and fun!

We started on Monday with a super solid night. Three lessons in three hours! Great way to start off the week! My goal this week was to share conference with as many people as I could. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to tell people what the prophet told us! We also
got access to all of it on gospel library too! Blessings!

On Tuesday we had a run of the mill day, we tried biking, sister Schultz bike was crap so we ended up driving. Her bike is a hand me down and the seat had to be lowered with some tool we didn't have. Not worth it! We found her a new bike on Wednesday in Louisville!

So Wednesday we got up before the crack of dawn, 5 am, and were out the door by 6 to make it to Lexington with the Corbin sisters (Patterson and Nicholas) by 8. Sacrifices! We met up with 6 more sisters and the assistants to the president picked us up in a huge van and drove us all to Louisville! I'm sure we all looked like polygamists. Two men at the Mormon church picking up 10 women. HAHAHA, and a member pulled up right as we were about to leave. Elder Waite
commented "this doesn't look bad at all, two elders getting in a car with 10 sisters." We trekked to Louisville and met up with all of the sisters in the mission for the sisters conference! It was awesome. There is nothing like being with all of the best missionaries in the GKLM! We were trained by the assistants, sister jones and Jensen, president and sister Brough and a few other sets of sisters. Yep, that's right, I got to see my sistajones!! Oh what a glorious reunion! Sister Brough was so incredible to get the whole thing lined up as well. She is so talented and organized! We were uplifted spiritually and taught how to be better women of God! A lovely time spent in Louisville! We then had to travel back... Oh that felt like forever. BUT, we took a detour down the 75 through Richmond! Oh my heart broke. It was so weird to drive through the streets I walked and to see Richmond again! I drove past my old house and not going to lie, I shed a tear. I miss it! We stopped to eat dinner and then we're on our way! We got home at 8:30pm and were dead. Push through push through was our attitude. It was a long rewarding day!

Thursday was rewarding as well because we got to see so many wonderful children of God and teach them gospel principles! We saw Cora and helped her understand the plan of salvation better. We also saw Billy and read some of the Book of Mormon with him. Billy is progressing really well in the gospel! Billy never ceases to amaze me. He always tells us of how he only wants to get closer to God. Billy, I promise you, you are on the right track! Pray for these sweet children of God, Cora and Billy!

This week I was also kissed on the cheek by a drunk man while out trying some potentials. That happened. Ok. Never again. It was so awkward. Immediately when he opened the door I could smell the beer and before we could say goodbye he went in for a huge hug and then
kissed me... Yep. I couldn't have even dodged it because he was already hugging both sister Schultz and I and we had no where to go. Hahaha, the life of a missionary!

At district meeting we were trained on having the faith to find the children of God prepared for us specifically. It was a rad training by Elder Fleener. It really made me realize how I need more faith when I am going out to find new investigators! There are people ready to hear and accept the gospel for me while I am in Somerset!

Saturday we biked all day! It was so fun! It was reminiscent of the good 'ol Richmond days! Sister Schultz pulled the same rookie mistake I did. She biked on flat tires all day. We did at least 6 miles that day, if not more. She is my rock solid biking companion! Holy cow! We biked down the busiest highway and she did it all with the biggest smile on her face, even though I could clearly see she was dying inside. I seriously love her so much. This sister has so much faith and work ethic, it blows me away. She knows how important this message is and wants to share it with everyone! She is incredible! We pulled over to a gas station to pump her tires and realized why they were flat. There was no caps on her tubes. Miraculously, there were two caps on the ground right by the air machine. What? That just doesn't happen. Nothing short of a miracle brothers and sisters! God looks out for His missionaries! We filled the tires and then we're on our way home, up a giant hill, when tommy stopped us. This man was a stranger and he was carrying a hotdog. We stopped him to talk to him and he immediately said "what do you like on your hotdog? Come, sit down on the porch, let me get you a hotdog." Saturday was a day of blessings a miracles, let me tell you. This sweet man proceeded to pamper us. He fed us a hotdog and got us drinks and then listened to our message! What? This doesn't happen. Wow. We set up a return appointment. His wife, Lee, came out and was talking with us too. These were and are two of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. They are
my miracles!

Zombie walk 2015/ Somerset is so rad. I love it here so so so much. I never want to leave! They have an annual zombie walk. It is huge. Everyone dresses up and goes to the town square. There is a fair and then at 9pm, all the zombies do the thriller dance and walk down the
street. Awesome! Baptist Billy turned into zombie bill that night. He looked legit! See the attached picture! It was so fun! People go all out here!

Sunday was glorious. The sabbath is truly a delight! church was inspiring! I love going to church and receiving direct revelation on questions and concerns that I have. I love how Heavenly Father answers my questions in direct and unique ways! We also had a cottage meeting (like an informal fireside) and Brother Working conducted it. IT WAS SO AWESOME! He put pictures of all the prophets up and then had a bag of quotes.. from "all of the prophets." We were to read the quote and guess which prophet said it.  It was so cool as we all put the quotes up on the different prophets.  At the end, he said "all of these quotes came from Thomas S. Monson.  You see, prophets speak the word of God, they all do, so each prophet will reiterate what has been said before him." Oh it was awesome. Inspired. The prophets are called of God and they are truly set apart for there high and holy calling!

I love this gospel so much! The more I work with these wonderful children of God, the more I realize how true this work is! there is nothing greater than bringing salvation to lost souls! I love missionary work and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ! I know it is true!

Much love,
sister Hannah

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Zombie's need the gospel too!

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