Monday, April 25, 2016

Here comes the Derby!

Thunder Over Louisville makes for a crazy week! Louisville is out of
control. The derby is insane. This week was nothing less!

We exchanged Salem! I stayed here in Brookside and sister Thomas came
with me! We had so much fun. She is such an incredible missionary. She
has only been out a few months and seems as though she has been out
for 6-8 months. We enjoyed seeing some less actives and our new
investigator, Renada. We laughed a lot, worked even more and went to
bed exhausted! I also got to see sister schultz! She is one of my
favorite people! It was a good day!

Wednesday I was driving and I mentioned that I thought we had a flat.
The wheel kept going "thunk, thunk, thunk." Sister holt convinced me
that we didn't. "The car would be pulling to that side. We would feel
it." I believed her because I have never had a flat on a real tire,
only low profile tries. It proved fatal on Thursday. There is never a
dull moment on a mission in Louisville. we went to district morning in
new Albany. We drove all the way there. All the way back. All was
well. We got $1 subs from jimmy johns. Because we're regulars on
Mondays, they were really excited to see us on customer appreciation
day! It was delicious! All of our people cancelled and so the hunt was
on to find investigators. As we were hunting, we met Jason. He is
awesome. Very humble and kind. As we drove away from his house, our
car sounded horrible. I looked at sister holt and said "we have a flat
tire!" She didn't believe me! So I get out of the car, walk around to
the drivers side and sure enough, our tire is flat. Not only flat, but
off the rim... We were riding the rim. It was bad. And so as we start
to figure out what to do, sister holt goes to the back to get the
tire, I call AAA and then our sweet friend Jason comes over and helps
us change our tire. While he changed it we taught him the restoration.
It was a huge blessing! It was pouring rain too. We were soaked, but
our tire was fixed. Blessings from the Lord!

Thunder over Louisville. Craziest show ever. Thunder was just amazing.
Incredible. Wonderful. The hype was real. Sister Weathers and Eugene
from Corbin took us! It was a thrill. We ran into the thorns there,
got a killer spot to watch the show and waited. The show was just
phenomenal. The thrill was real. Our bodies shook to the core.
Literally my whole body vibrated as the finale blew off. The coolest
thing I have experienced my whole mission. It was so crazy because I
felt like a regular person. Jammin to the music and enjoying the
people. Kinda crazy. The fireworks were legit. On our way out, we ran
into some crazy people. A guy on drugs telling us some" black guys
were gonna beat us up." And then another guy stopped us in front of
the police station because his drunk friend was peeing on the wall.
😂😂 what? Yeah that happened. It was interesting. Welcome to good old

Sunday at church was awesome. The speakers were perfect and I totally
needed it. This man walked in with his wife. He served here 13'years
ago. During relief society, his wife came over and handed me some
money. She said "this is for you and your companion. My husband said
that it was a hard Ward when he was here and sometimes went without
food, please get some on us." Wow. The kindness of these strangers was
so incredible. I am so grateful for people like that! We worked and
worked all day and ended up at a fireside in downtown to finish the
week off.
Some insights from church:

- Eve, mother of all living, was given her name before she was a
mortal mother. Motherhood is more than babies.
- A mother is not a friend. A mother is a mother because she has been
placed here to teach wrong from right. When the child calls to say
"thank you for teaching me..." That is when the mother become a

All is rockin in southern Louisville!
So much love from the GKLM!
Sister Hannah

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