Monday, April 11, 2016

RE: "If the water is grey, you know where it came from."

So enjoy your emails! You just too cute sweet Maddy!  Thank you for sharing your amazing journey! ! Love ya dear sis!! Xoxo 

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Subject: "If the water is grey, you know where it came from."

And before I knew it, it was p-day again. Time seems to fly by these days!

This week felt like we had no time to proselyte. But we still managed
to over achieve our goals. Heavenly Father truly blessed us as we went
to work! We had MLC, mission leadership council, with the Brough's on
Tuesday. Wednesday followed with another all day meeting, zone
conference, in New Albany, IN. In the 6 proselyting hours that we had
in those two days, we found 4 new investigators, taught 7 lessons and
hit our talk with everyone goal. It felt amazing. So great. Missionary
work is invigorating.

I went on exchange in Hanover, Indiana with sister Borgardous! It was
cold. Freezing cold. Seasons don't really click in sister Hannah's
head. California born and raised problems. I may have sent all my
winter stuff home prematurely. But it is ok. I survived. Ok, it really
wasn't that cold, high 30's, I had a pair of tights, but it was windy
and the Hanover sisters only walk in Hanover... So that made it
freezing. Sister Bogardous is a really good missionary! She is fresh
out of training and wants to work Hard! We had a good time! It is
always so refreshing to get my companion back after exchanges though.
You never know what you have until it is gone. But really. I am so
grateful for sister holt and her level of consecration. She is such a
blessing for me!

After Zone Conference, sister Holt, Beecroft, Bogardous and I ate at
this cute Mexican restaurant. Blew me away, so good! The chef was
actually from Mexico. He had talked to missionaries before too! Our
server, John, was a character. Sister Holt talked him into giving us
free chips and salsa. (Ok, well first of all, what Mexican restaurant
doesn't give you chips and salsa?) We also had him running to the
river to get us more water. We drained his supply real quick.
Missionary problems. He was hilarious, it was a great time. He kept
telling us "If the water is grey, you know where it came from." And
"if it takes me a minute to refill your glass, it is because I had to
run to the river to get more!"

At Zone conference we were trained specifically on getting our
investigators to church. Church is a critical key indicator because
you can't know if this is the true church if you don't come! We
applied the training in our teaching this week and saw the Results! We
taught a lot of cool people this week and they all came to church!
Sister Robinson, my favorite bohemian, came to church! She loved it.
It was just what she needed. Our friend, Brother Chad, also came to
church! He was really apprehensive to come, but he overcame his fears
and is repenting. We taught him specifically about repentance and how
it (repentance) is changing your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors to
align your will with God. He is working so hard to change. He is just
Incredible! We also taught brother Meredith and brother Nearn. They
were a miracle. We found brother Nearn at the gas station and when we
went to teach him, his brother joined us. When we went back a second
time, they both wanted to be baptized! Brother Nearn couldn't come to
church and brother Meredith was concerned that his fiancé would be
jealous of we texted him and invited him to church. We had a plan and
executed it. He came! And he brought his fiancé and we were able to
meet her and help her see we are just missionaries! No threat here!
Haha! She was so kind. Our Ward was so welcoming. It was Ward
conference so the stake leaders were there. It was an extremely
powerful meeting. The spirit testified strongly of the importance of
the sacrament and sabbath day worship. Sunday's are wonderful! :)

This week my testimony of the plan of salvation was strengthened so
much. As I learned of my uncle's passing, I was overcome with a
feeling of comfort and peace. He was warmly welcomed into the spirit
world by all those whom he loved, grandpa hannah and uncle Jeff
especially. I know that he is being taught the gospel. I know that God
is all knowing and loving and merciful. Jesus Christ knows everything
that we experience and exactly how to help us through it. The
atonement is there, it is real, it is accessible. The Plan of
Salvation is a plan of happiness and joy. I can and will see all of my
family again as I live righteously and strive my best to a faithful
servant of the Lord!

This is the work of salvation. This is His work. I am so grateful to
be apart of this marvelous work and wonder! There is no greater joy in
all the world that seeing people come closer to Jesus Christ! The
gospel has been restored!

I love you all!
❤️Sister Hannah

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