Tuesday, January 20, 2015

GKLM, I have arrived!!

So in the last four days a lot has happened!!
I LEFT THE MTC!! Thank heavens!! Saturday was such a great day! We had a lot of class and said goodbye to all of our teachers.  We packed, ate and packed some more.  PACKING WAS STRESSFUL because of the weight limit.  48 and 52 pounds on the scale in the basement... so I was a little nervous.  I don't have my journals to look back on right now either so I don't have details!!
SUNDAY: The last day at the MTC.  Literally was a countdown ALL DAY.  I couldn't wait.  I knew I would be leaving at 3:35 am that morning so all day I was just anxious and excited!! It was awesome!! The day was extremely spiritual and church was amazing! :)
3:35am Monday morning, Sister Rickords and I loaded up on the bus to the airport!! WHAT?!!? YES This is real life!! We traveled to the frontrunner station in Provo, took the train to the SLC airport and then got on our plane to Atlanta.  I slept for 3 hours of the four hour flight.  Atlanta was crazy huge and from there we got on our connecting flight to LOUISVILLE.  It was like 1:30 hours long... which felt so short.  When we landed, Predisent & Sister Brough met us at the exit and we were off!! I AM IN LOUISVILLE!!!! We stayed the night at the mission home, ATE REAL & delicious food (it wasn't from a cafeteria!!) and then got to go to bed early!! YES! :)
Tuesday: TODAY!! Transfer meeting!! (ok, so I have been to many many transfer meetings.... so it didn't feel too different) THIS WAS MY TRANSFER MEETING!!! WHAT?!!? I wasn't nervous until I got called up and assigned a trainer!! I am with Sister Heiner and she is SO sweet!! We are in Richmond, KY!  Woop woop!! It is about an hour and a half from Louisville, east.  I am stoked!! It is also a biking and walking area!! EVEN BETTER!! We have our work cut out for us!! I got a bike (it was free!) and checked my packages, finished up some last minute stuff at the mission office and then we took off to Richmond! :) Kentucky is BEAUTIFUL.  Yes, everytihng it dead because it is einter, but yet somehow it is still GORGEOUS.  There are mansions and tiny homes, barnes and amazing fields.  Some of the barnes for the horses look like mansions and they are indeed bigger than my house.... I mistook some barnes for houses a lot. HAHA. The horses have it better than I do!  We arrived home and threw my stuff inside with enough time to change and get started on our first task, helping Crystal clean out and sanitze her car of all the ashes from her cigarettes.  She is trying to quit smoking.  It was so incredible to help her overcome this habit through the simple step of cleaning her car.  Mom & Dad: it reminded me a lot of grandma's house except covered in ashes. When we were done there we quickly changed and walked to our dinner appointment wit hthe Wright Family.  They are so sweet and fed us really good food! :) Chicken on the first night! Haah, good thing I love poultry! I am so excited to be here!! YOu have no idea!! I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!! I have already grown so much and look forward to how I am going to continue growing.  It will be hard, but the Lord is on my side!! I am so grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and the love Jesus has for me!! I am so grateful to be in Kentucky!! Here's to the best 18 months!!
Much Love!!
Sister Hannah

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