Monday, January 26, 2015

I am grateful for my teeth.


I have survived my first week in the field!  Some highlights from this week:

-I met my fourth cousins. 
-I talked to a lady who had no teeth
-I talked to a lady who was high
-I had 3 cat calls.
-I got more comfortable in the 'sketchy' areas
-I no longer get smoke headaches! (not sure if that is a good thing or not.)

Wednesday: 6:30am workouts are TOUGH.  I am so groggy and then I have to muster up some courage to exercise.  Not my favorite part of the day.  We met some wonderful people that day! This was MIRACLE DAY!! We talked to a lot of people, we picked up a new investigator AND were able to help an investigator work on her family tree so she can take family names to the temple right away.  We taught our less active neighbor Crystal that night and then called it.  Seriously, wonderful first day.  

Thursday:  The first discouraging day!! No one answered their doors for us.  All our appointments canceled on us.  IT WAS COLD.  I just got in a bad mood.  It wasn't fun.  I wasn't enjoying myself.  It was hard because the first day had set these high expectations.  Even though we didn't do very well that day, we still worked HARD.  We gave it our all.  At the end of the day, I know what I know, I have a testimony and God loves me and is grateful for the work I am doing.  The sweetest tender mercy from today was being able to eat in a members home.  There is a different spirit that resides there that can't be found anywhere else. The peace and comfort I instantly felt when I got into Sister Syme's car was unfathomable.  It was exactly what I needed after the ;longest hardest day.  The meetings we had that day too were a nice distraction from the fact that no one wanted to talk to us.  Thank you district meeting and coordination!

Friday: Things started to look up! We taught Kasey, a girl we found on Wednesday AND SET A BAPTISMAL DATE!!! YES!!! :) A member, Jaden, came with us to teach and it was such an incredible lesson.  When Sister HEiner recited the first vision, I had the privilege of watching her as she listened.  She lit up and felt the spirit SO STRONGLY!! IT was awesome!! :) This is why I am here.  This is why exactly why.  To share peace, joy and comfort.  To allow people to feel the spirit.  To show them that Christ is there and waiting for them! :) We then taught Savanna.  She is less active because of her work schedule, but seriously is INCREDIBLE! She loves the Lord and has the cutest kids!! Dennis: Her 3 year old son was running around in a mini doctor outfit and it was the cutest thing ever!! It made me think of you and Travis's obsession.  He could also name all 11 doctors and their companions.  IMPRESSIVE for a 3 year old.  TRAVIS: I SAW STIRLING. Sorry, side note! This night was also the night that I was able to talk to a high woman.  It was so funny because we knocked on her door and she asked "Who is it?" and so we responded: "The sisters!!!"  So she comes out and straight up is like

"I'm just going to be honest with you.  I am high. WHen I am high, I am honest." 

It was quite the adventure talking to her.  We got some good information out of her and then headed home.  

Saturday: Funky day because I was in a weird mood, but the work was progressing SO MUCH.  We had a lot of set appointments and they all went really well.  We had a wonderful dinner at the Jansinskis and they were so sweet to us.  It was awesome to be able to sit in on their family prayer and scripture study and participate with them.  It is a special time for each family every night:) I can't wait to have that in my own home! ALSO I got my first cat call today.  THAT WAS HILARIOUS. Sister Heiner and I were walking to our first appointment and it was cold.  I was wearing my snow coat and had all my cold gear on.  This creepy guy driving down the road says to us "You ladies wanna snuggle in this cold weather?" HAHAHAHA.  YEAH RIGHT DUDE.  All I could do was laugh! It was also a winter wonderland that day!! It snowed SO MUCH!  


I can't even express how much I love sundays. The sabbath day is my FAVORITE!! Being able to partake of the sacrament and attend church is my favorite thing!! The new ward is awesome!! My fourth cousins live here too, The Bryners!! We ate with the Russell family and they are incredibly awesome!! We taught Crystal last night about 2 Nephi 4.  IT WAS SO SPIRITUAL.  I am loving her living next door.

The work is awesome, I am loving it here.  I can't imagine being anywhere else.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  The Lord needs me here.  He needs me to find these people.  I am SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!! Even on the hardest days, I know I am doing the right thing at the right time in the right place.  

Stay rad,
Stay righteous.

Sister Hannah

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