Friday, January 9, 2015

So Far, So GREAT!


Yes, I am alive and well! It has been a total of TWO days... yes, almost exactly right now.  I have been at the MTC for 48 hours and it feels like 48 days.  The days are long but at the end of the night it feels like it went by so quickly.  I am not sure if P-day coming this quickly is more of a tender mercy for me or my mom.  I feel like I have SO much to tell you, but I can;t type fast enough!!!

Wednesday: -arrived at the MTC.  Bye bye mom and dad!  As soon as I walked inside it was a whirlwind of everything.  I was SO excited to be here!  I got my name tag and everything was perfect.  I love being Sister Hannah. The name tag made me feel so official! I was taken to my hall and then my classroom.  Sister Rickords, my companion was already in the classroom.  I knew her from before the MTC because of facebook.  I kept wanting to call her Katelyn.  Sister Rickords is fun getting used to.  We met the MTC presidency and they all spoke.  At the en, we sang "We'll Bring the World His Truth" (Children's Hymn book 172) and I just started to cry.  I was so overwhelmed with the spirit and being here and yeah.. it was powerful.  The MTC president happened to look over at me right as this was happening and made a special welcome to Sister Rickords and I after.  It was super special! :) Dinner was pretty funny.  Sister Rickords and I tried to be social and so we sat next to these two sweet sisters.  Talking to them was like pulling teeth.  SO awkward.  They said maybe 10 words and then walked away... HAHA.  We laughed about that for some time.   They clearly were not social.  From dinner we went to "People and your Purpose." It was cool, but my favorite quote from that was "I am just meeting this person (my investigator) but Heavenly Father has known them FOREVER!" I love that because it is so true.  We may be just meeting them, but HF knows exactly what they need! The spirit will guide us!! 

I keep having these feelings of inadequacy.  This is pretty crazy.  Every time I start to worry though, I am overcome with peace and comfort.  I know I can do this.  I am freaking out for no reason.  As long as I prepare, HF WILL help me.  He hasn't failed me yet and I know He won't ever.  I then looked at the sisters trying to learn English and realized I am going to be just fine.  I have my language down, I only need to learn the doctrine! LOL, I mean I know it, but just making sure I know what to teach and HOW to teach it! I CAN DO HARD THINGS!! I don't know what makes this so hard, but it is hard! It is a weird experience, but so much growing already! :) AHH I LOVE IT!!

I kept looking at my name tag today and checking to make sure it was real.  YEP.  THIS IS REAL!! This is happening!! I am officially Sister Hannah!! :) AHHH!!!

Thursday: First full day in the MTC.  Waking up at 6:30 wasn't bad.  There was a lot more of feeling scared and inadequate, but I am not kidding, EVERY SINGLE TIME I was overcome with the spirit and felt at peace and so much comfort and love from my HEavenly Father.  We did a lot of classes and planning and reading and more planning.  It was great! I loved being able to share my insights with Sister Rickords and vice-versa.  My favorite quote from a class we attended was "NEVER be afraid to trust an unknown future to a KNOWN God." I just absolutely LOVE that because I struggle with not knowing what is going to happen in my future, but I need to trust God more!  That night we met our Branch President, President Laney, and he is just a character.  Great sense of humor and knows his scriptures REALLY WELL. He taught us so much in the little time we had with him.  I was then called as a Sister Training Leader!! Woop woop!! I am also the senior companion.  Wow.  All on my second day.  The Lord trusts me with so much, I hope I can live up to all of it!! Life is just beginning!!

Friday: Today!! WE WOKE UP LATE.  7:10... when we were supposed to be at breakfast! HAHA, whoops!!! We got ready so quickly.  Being a low maintenance sister in the morning has its perks.  Glasses and earrings and GO.  No make up- no worries!! LOL.  So nice.  So far the day has been wonderful. Personal and companionship study and lunch.  We started laundry and now emails! I can't wait to be in Kentucky though!! This is going to be amazing! OH real cool, we got to practice teaching in class and as I testified of the truthfulness of the gospel I was overcome with another reassurance that I am supposed to be out here preaching the good word to these saints.  When Sister Rickords invited me to be baptized (we were practicing) I was so touched by the spirit that I started crying.  It was so simple,. yet so powerful.  That is what the gospel is.  SIMPLICITY.  God isn't complicated.  The Gospel isn't complicated.  I love this so much and am SO grateful I have the opportunity to SHARE IT!!!!

Loving life and LOVING THE LORD MORE,

much love,
Sister Hannah

PS./  I have pictures but I don't have a camera cord right now.  I might be able to send them later but next week for sure!! 

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