Monday, May 11, 2015

Broken Bikes 101

This week it was HOT in Richmond. So hot and humid to the point that when you walk outside, you just start sweating, for no reason at all.  People keep telling me it only gets worse too.... here we go.  Summer in Kentucky! Here it comes, ready or not! Thankfully, out maintenance man put an AC unit in upstairs as were were walking to the library today.  Praise the good Lord, our room was SO hot the last week.  The only problem I have with the heat here is that it DOESN'T cool down at night! It would be fine in our room if it cooled down at night because we could leave the window open, but it is still 85 degrees when we go to bed!  But the heat rises and our room is just miserable with our one fan. OK, end of the heat rant. I am sure it will be way worse in the summer and I will have to complain some more then.  Not in California anymore, or Idaho for that matter! Dry heat is non-existent here! 

This week was awesome! We did a lot of finding new investigators and searching for those prepared for us to teach.  We seek the humble! We know they are here for us! We continually pray for them to be brought to us and I would love for y'all to do the same! Sister Hannah and Sister Jones need more investigators!! :) 

So here are some highlights from the week: 
-We helped two separate families move and we were in our skirts... hahaha! We do what we are needed to do.  We get the craziest looks and it just makes me smile and laugh.  It is amazing what you can do in a skirt! Especially from men... they look at us and think "shoot, those girls are moving these people out in skirts and I am just standing here" (that is what I imagine the guys standing around doing nothing thinking.)  People are lazy so the sisters pick up the slack! 
-We had Zone Conference! It was up in Lexington so we got to visit the BIG CITY!! WOOWOO!! hahahaa, I love traveling up there and being in the presence of a bunch of missionaries! Our Zone is so rad! We have incredible missionaries serving in the Lexington Zone!!  Something cool I learned was that as a companionship, if we are not unified, we can't do anything! the spirit is only here when we are unified! Sister Jones and I were teased the entire day because we are best friends and the other missionaries, I think, were jealous of our unity! LOL, but the assistants to the president picked on us to do companionship unity role-plays! 
-We had a wonderful couple lessons with Blake in members homes.  MEMBER PRESENT LESSONS ARE SO CRUCIAL!! Help out the missionaries where you live! invite them and their investigators in! Investigators need to feel that wonderful spirit! :O) 
-BIKE PROBLEMS!  AGAIN.  I am happy to report, it was not my bike this time though! Of the 6 incidents we have had in the past 4 weeks, 4 have been from me and the last 2 from Sister Jones.  Her chain literally snapped in half this time.  We ditched our bikes at the high school and kept working.  We didn't let satan stop us! We found super cool people that day too! :) miracles!! Work hard and be rewarded! 
-I skyped my family!! It was such a blessing to see them and hear their voices and talk to them!! I love them so much! I know that families can be together forever!! shout out to the Hannah homies! LOVE YA!!

We were graced to attend a baptism this past Saturday for Faye, the Elders investigator.  She is the sweetest lady and is so excited to go to the temple! I have such a firm testimony that if we focus ourselves on the temple, nothing else will matter. The temple is the ultimate goal! It truly is heaven on earth, the most peaceful and wonderful place we could ever go! I love the temple so much! I can't wait to see Faye attend and be sealed to her husband! 

this coming Saturday, Blake, our investigator, will be baptized!! We are absolutely THRILLED for him!! He is so prepared and so ready to be a member of the church!   PLEASE pray for Blake this week! the week leading up to baptism, satan is awful and will do anything to stop the baptism! Pray that he will have the strength to fight off those temptations!! 

Another prayer request real quick and then I will be done! We have the most incredible next door neighbor and her current work schedule prevents her from coming to church! Please pray that her work schedulers' heart will be softened and she will be able to work the day shift! Crystal needs it! :") 

I love you all so much! I know that Hevaenly Father loves each and every one of us and that he hears and answers our prayers!! 

stay rad
stay righteous!!

Much love, from the GKLM, 
Sister Hannah

and as always, pictures can be found here!

*For those who are not familiar with the missionary organization:
1. companionship (two missionaries)
2. District (3-5 companionships)
3. Zone (equivalent to the stakes here! one stake = one zone of missionaries!)

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