Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Last Week in Richmond :(

My first real transfer! I am now in Somerset, KY with Sister Crofoot! 
We are located 3 hours from Louisville and about an hour and a half south west of Richmond! The zip code is 42501 is you want to look it up on a map! :)  

P-day was super fun! Sister Bryner took us (sister Jones and I) down to Berea to eat one last time and do some Kentucky shopping! We had a lot of fun and appreciate Sister Bryners support so much! 

This week was quite the whirlwind! I started off in Jessamine County with Sister Wu and was on exchanges until Tuesday night.  I learned so much from her in those short few hours!  She is an incredible example to me! I am so grateful I was able to serve with her for three transfers before she went home! Sad to see her leave! 

The rest of the week in Richmond was full of a lot of finding, service and anxiety waiting for transfer calls on Saturday.  It felt as if there was no one outside.  We tried to talk to everyone we saw but the streets were barren.  I think with EKU finishing and it being memorial day weekend coming up everyone split! It was a rougher week for our numbers, they were lower than what I like to see, but it happens.  I know that Sister Jones and I worked hard and made an impact on at least one person. After all, our purpose is to bring people closer to Jesus Christ through faith, repentance, and then baptism!  

Wednesday night we traveled into Hearstborne with the Corbin Sisters (Holt &Baker) to stay the night with the Hermanas! (Larsen and Smith!) It was one big slumber party waiting for our iPad training the following day!  Thursday's training in Louisville was exactly what I needed to hear.  The counsel from Elder Zwick and Brother Hemmingway was inspired.  Huh, weird.  Inspired speakers on the Lord's errand.  I have been trying to figure out how to change my nature the past week (well past couple weeks!) and I could not figure out for the life of me what I needed to change.  I am terrified to go home and fall back into my old life and my old habits.  I want to use this time, here, serving the Lord, to develop a habit of change and a habit of progression!  When they were both training us it just hit me of what I needed to do. It is incredible to me how the spirit works and how much I can learn from the still small voice! I know what I need to do now! Mosiah 3:19!! IT IS SO REAL! I am so excited for iPads!! We will receive our iPads on Friday of this week and in a couple weeks I will be a facebook missionary as well! 

Friday we had the craziest day. We went out and taught a lesson before we did weekly planning (which in hind sight didn't need to happen because we got whitewashed!) and ended up finding the most amazing hole-in-the-wall place called "Smitty's".  AMAZING.  To die for southern grilling.  Pulled pork that *might* have something on my dads... maybe.  (I still think Dad's is better though! *brownie points?*) We were able to meet Smitty, the owner and developed a eally good relationship with him that day and with his worker, Amy.  It was such a tender mercy! I am going to miss them so much! That night, Amy saw us walking home and offered us a ride after only knowing us for maybe 10 hours! The kindness of the people in Richmond.  I love them! The next day we went there for District lunch and acted as if we had known them forever, long lost friends.  When we told all of the Elders we met them yesterday they were just like "sisters..... of sisters." We just have a way with people, ok? I was also repramanded by a black man for my white name and Sister Jones was praised for her "black name".  It was hilarious.  Smitty kept calling her SisaJones.  One word. Slurred.  It was so great.  Good times with Smitty and the family! 

Saturday morning we were both on our toes.  SO ANXIOUS.  EVERY beep or buzz made us JUMP out of our chairs.  FINALLY we got the call from President (we both had the feeling we would be getting a call from President instead of our District leader or Zone Leaders.  He calls for important matters.) and he told us we would be whitewashed! We are both leaving! Elders would be coming to replace us! It was exciting news! Sister Jones will be serving in the Louisville area as a sister training leader and I am headed to Somerset! Elder Trost, who served as Zone LEader in Richmond, will be taking over the area with a brand new missionary! :) 

Leaving Richmond is bittersweet, but I know I need to be here in Somerset! I love it already! Sister Crofoot and I are going to get along, but Heavenly Father knows exactly what I need.  She is the sweetest sister and I am so excited to work with her.  I know she is already going to teach me so much! It was hard to say goodbye to all of the people I love so much and hold so dear to my heart in Richmond, but I will be back! sister Jones and I are already planning a road trip back to Kentucky come 2016! :) Here's to a new area, a new companion and new people! It is all in the Lord's hands.  TRUST HIM.  He knows you perfectly! 

Much Love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

Sorry, no pictures this week, the somerset computers won't let me upload! Hopefully, when I get my ipad, all will be well! :)

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