Monday, June 1, 2015

The First Week in Somerset!!

Ok, first things first! Somerset is the cutest town ever!!! I love it! :) It is absolutely adorable in every way! I am in a branch and there are about 212 people on the roster with 50-70 attending regularly.  Totally not used to this at all.  This weekend was stake conference and it was broadcast from Lexington, so we watched it in our little building.  When I say little, I mean little! It is about the size of the cultural hall in the Altisima Building.  Yes, the entire building could fit in that gym.  The Chapel is the size of the upstairs of that building and there are no pews, just chairs! It is going to be a wild ride here in Somerset! :) I love it so much already though! 

This week was pretty great.  We had a lot of people to see and a lot of miles to use.  It was great! I deeply missed my bike for the 4 days I didn't have it and the car was kind of a nuisance.  Never thought I would be saying that... ever.  We got lost a lot and had some struggles, but it all ended well.  I am slowly starting to get a hold of the streets here.  I am being patient with WRONG street signs EVERYWHERE and my companion who doesn't quite know the area! Love her to death though! We had some interesting adventures!  I met lots of sweet investigators who are so ready to hear and receive the gospel! The people are humble here and they are also all baptists.  Awesome! 

Some highlights from this week:
-It POURED every single day. 
-We had dinner with the Branch President, he is an incredible man! 
-We made a trip to urgent care for Sister Crofoots back. (No worries, she is perfectly fine!)
-WE GOT iPADS!!!!! YEP YEP WE DID!! :) THE GKLM IS NOW AN iPAD MISSION!! I am pretty stoked to say the least!! 
-I got my bike back from Richmond!
-We had an awesome member, Alex, come out with us to teach!
-It stormed so hard and flooded that we could barley drive... it was a little dangerous but totally worth it.
-We got lost a million times! 
-Stake Conference was wonderful! So much insight received!! 

Not much else to report on! We are working hard to find more investigators and get more people to baptism and ultimately the temple! 

The work is amazing, the area is NEW! Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways! :) 
Stay rad!
stay righteous!!!

so much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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