Monday, June 8, 2015

Fwd: Kentucky continues to amaze me!

Hello friends and family! 

This week is Somerset, things were and are looking up! We saw miracles and tender mercies and prayers answered! It is incredible to me how aware Heavenly Father is about each of us individually! ️ we volunteered at a food pantry and the people there are so incredibly generous and kind.  We are there to serve them, yet they continually ask how they can help us, what we need and if we are doing good.  These amazing people truly are so Christlike!  

A miracle from this week:

Last week we got a referral from HQ and we didn't get to contact it right away.  We called the number and it was disconnected, but we still wanted to try the address.  When we went to go see her, we tried the trailer we thought was hers and no one was home.  We were bummed, but I had the thought to go try all the other houses on the lane.  Sure enough, we walk up to the next house and there is a woman waiting at the door for us.  I was shocked, but she was just waiting! We introduced ourselves and we had our copies of the Book of Mormon in our hands and she immediately recognized the book! As we kept talking, we realized this was the woman who we were looking for! She was so surprised that we hand delivered the Book of Mormon she requested! She thought it was just going to come in the mail! She had seen the restoration video on and wanted to read the actual book! We asked if we could come teach her more and she wasn't interested in us coming to teach her (yet!) but we can tell she is so ready to read and hear the gospel message! The spirit will hit her like a ton of bricks as she reads the Book of Mormon and then she will be dying to learn more! We are looking forward to keeping in touch with her and seeing her progress! 

I am loving Somerset and loving my bike even more! Sometimes I forget we have a car! Sister Crofoot is so awesome with putting up with me and wanting to bike! Heavenly Father sure is a smart guy, putting me in a bike area first and making me fall in love with it! It is so nice to have a car, but we are trying to bike a lot! Because Somerset was previously a bike and car area, we implemented a car and bike rule as a companionship where we bike in the old bike area only and drive when necessary outside.  It has been working really well! Like I said, sister Crofoot is doing so well! We actually get to talk to people because we aren't stuck in a car! That is the only bummer about the car, we can't just pull over and stop everyone!  A funny bike story, more bike problems, shocker! We went to the bike shop to just get a tune up and the guy pumping my tire up BLEW UP MY TIRE, like it EXPLODED!!! It scared the crap out of me and luckily, it was a quick fix.  My bike should now be in complete working order! 

We taught a few other lessons and met with a less active who wants to make changes in her life! On Wednesday we went back to see our less active and taught her the plan of salvation! She was SO EXCITED to hear about the temple! We invited her to come back to church so she can get a current recommend! She told us "you two have something I want.  All the missionaries have had it, the ones who taught me originally and the ones who visited.  I haven't gone to church in a long time, but I know that I am missing something.  The peace and comfort y'all bring comes from the temple and I want that too!" It was touching.  She could feel the incredibly strong spirit that was present and she knew she wanted it! Now to just tackle the word of wisdom!  During this lesson about the plan of salvation and temples, Sister Crofoot promised blessings and bore sweet and simple testimony.  We also explored the pamphlets app and it is awesome! New iPad technology! The app really helped our less active understand the plan of salvation a lot more! Our less active even showed up to church yesterday and it was fast and testimony meeting! So powerful! We are stoked to get to work with her more and help her get to the temple!

Some funny moments from this week: 
-my crazy companion threw cans of soup at me (we were putting together baskets at the food pantry) 
-I locked the steering wheel of the car and we were stranded because the car wouldn't start. Thankfully we have a vehicles coordinator who knew what to do.
-it was 80 degrees and 45% humidity when I went on my run at 6:30 this morning. 

Oh how I love Kentucky and the amazing joy of missionary work! This is the place to be! I love the GKLM and I love being a full time missionary for the Lord! 

Much love! 
Sister Hannah

Sorry, pictures are still being lame! The library won't recognize my camera or my card reader... 

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