Monday, June 22, 2015


This week Somerset was POPPING! We saw many blessings and there was a lot of work to be done! We found some awesome new people that we will be able to begin teaching hopefully this week and our branch will be growing! That is always so exciting! We had some move ins and as a companionship were able to invite four people to come unto Christ through the waters of baptism! It is going to be an eventful summer! 

We taught an awesome lesson to Patsy, who is soon to be baptized, and she was so engaged. Her husband is a member of the branch, but hasn't come in a while. Together they are preparing to go to he temple! We taught them about following the prophet and she said "why wouldn't we want to follow the prophet? Without him we would all be so lost!" She is well on her way to baptism! We are so excited for her to make this covenant with Heavenly Father! She is ready and excited as well! She really wants to go to the temple! When we focus our investigators on the bigger picture, the temple, they realize that baptism is just another step! Ruby, another investigator who is headed towards baptism as well told us this week that she is willing to do anything to be baptized.  It is so wonderful to me to see these immense changes in people as they bring themselves closer to Christ and develop a relationship with Him.  Christ truly changes lives. I love seeing this firsthand! 

In the middle of the week we had interviews with President Brough. It was so great to get to see him and Sister Brough and talk to them about the triumphs and tribulations I am experiencing.  Some of the greatest counsel I received from President is I am here to baptize.  That is our main goal, just short of the temple. People cannot progress any farther until they are baptized by the proper priesthood authority of God, only found in this church. That is our goal so that they can ultimately go to the temple and make further covenants with God! I know that Heavenly Father is blessing Sister Crofoot and I for the efforts we are putting forth in the Somerset area! 

It is always incredible to me to teach less active members.  They already have a testimony, it just needs to be rekindled.  We have been on the hunt for the majority of our less active members this week because we have over 100 of them. Sister Crofoot likes to say we are better than the FBI when it comes to finding people. I think that is because people trust as as "people of God". People will freely give us information on people we are looking for, it is awesome! We were successful at finding a lot of our less active members this week and extended a lot of invitations to them to come back to church and read in the Book of Mormon. I have such a firm testimony that if they start reading out of the Book of Mormon, the spirit will be felt and they will have a change of heart. One girl in particular, Brittany, recently lost a child. She is so young and has a lot of weight on her shoulders. We were able to share with her he 12 steps to happiness in the Book of Mormon (2 Nephi 5) and you could just see the spirit touch her. We are also still teaching the amazing Cora and she is stoked to go to the temple. She is progressing so well in the gospel and is making such positive strides towards the temple.  This week she decided to get rid of everything that is holding her back from the temple, including her tobacco stash! YES!!! That is what we need! She learned about tithing and immediately wanted to pay her tithing on everything she had made.  She is seriously awesome. The spirit has testified to me many times that she is one reason why I am here in Somerset with sister Crofoot! I cannot wait to see her in the temple!! 

This week we also went all electronic... everything is now on our iPads.  All of our records and schedule is in the data base, but guess who had to enter it. Yep, we did! It is so tedious and it took forever, but it is finally done, for the most part. I had a hard time switching over because I am so used to paper everything, but the iPads are such a blessing! We are able to have everything we need in a flash! Through going completely electronic and transferring all the records in, it became very apparent to me and strengthened my testimony) that the basics of the gospel are what help people progress the most.  It is what is laid out in Preach My Gospel that helps people come closer to Christ. It was interesting to see that when people were taught other things not in PMG, their progression was hindered and a lot of them stopped progressing completely and were dropped by the missionaries.  It strengthened my testimony of the basics, that if we continually read from the Book of Mormon, pray daily and seek to know the will of God for us specifically, we will be edified, we will become closer to Christ and the spirit will be able to guide us more. I know that this is true! I have applied it more in my life as well! Stick to the basics! 

Random happiness:
-our drain was fixed, we no longer have to stand in our own filth when we shower!
-pouring rain every day. every day. Summer rains are the best! 
-we went out for a run and took a shower instead. we got 1/2 mile into it and DOWNPOUR. 6:30am.  (pay attention to the little dry patch right at my armpit... soaked to the bone.
-we were (are still are) eaten alive by who knows what... Bugs, bugs, bugs! hello humidity! 
-thought I had a tick, but thankfully it was just dried blood from a cut I have no idea how I got. Ticks are scary stuff. 
-We came across the most gorgeous country side while searching for less-active members in Nancy, KY. 
-I am no longer called "Sister Hannah" by little kids.  They do not understand that my last name is Hannah and so as we leave it is always "By Sister Crofoot, bye Hannah!" hahha, I will allow it for the youngins. 

Much love from the GKLM, 
Sister Hannah

I am in somerset! 
but apparently I am at home? 
The gorgeous fields of Nancy, KY

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