Monday, June 29, 2015

"I summon the bike Mormons to the library."

This week. Oh man.  What a rollercoaster it was.  There was rain, chilly days, more rain and BLESSINGS.  Oh yes, lots and lots of blessings!!

We met a kid named Nate on our way home from doing service one day.  We were in pants, so it was a little weird talking to him about the gospel and not being in our full proselyting outfits, but it all worked out.  He had the most interesting train of thought about God and the heavens, but we helped him understand better.  He wouldn't give us his name at first or a phone number or address to talk more, but instead said  "I will get a hold of you.. trust me."  Uh ok?  He told us he sees us around in town all the time and he would just stop us.  Ok, good enough for me.  I didn't want to argue, I was hungry and I wanted to put a skirt back on. It was the last HOT day of the week.  Literally the next day, we got a text from one of our members daughters and she said "my friend Nate is at the library and he wants to talk to y'all." She later told us he posted on Facebook "I summon the bike Mormons to the library. I believe one of your names is Lucinda." Sorry Nate, we don't have facebook, yet! but we do have good members looking out for us! He is a unique character.  Hopefully he will track us down again!

The rest of the week was awesome.  We had a lesson with Sonia, Patsy's mom, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation.  She LOVED IT. She keeps telling us, "I want to know more, I want to know more." Here is your more!! We were also able to teach her about the gospel of Jesus Christ (which is the basic doctrines of having faith in Him, repenting, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost & Enduring to the End.) She is concerned with baptism because she doesn't feel like she is close enough to Jesus Christ yet.  It was the perfect opportunity to tell her that baptism is what gets you closer.  The Holy Ghost is what keeps you close.  These are the steps Heavenly Father has put in place for you to strengthen that relationship! She understood what we had to say and agreed to pray about a baptismal date! We are hoping that her and Patsy will be able to be baptized on the same day! :) Mother and Daughter baptism!!

(Speaking of mothers, it is my incredible mothers two year anniversary of being baptized!! congratulations mom!! You have come so far and have grown so much in the gospel! I love you! Keep enduring to the End!!)

Some awesome miracles from this week:

One day on our way back home for lunch, we stopped at a lady who was sitting on her porch. At first, she was very hesitant to anything we had to say, but then completely opened up to us and explained how she was at a spiritual crossroads and was looking for a church here in Somerset. After chatting for a few minutes about her religious background, we shared about the Book of Mormon and ended up teaching her the first lesson on the spot! It was incredibly powerful! The most amazing thing was during the first vision there were absolutely no distractions. That almost never happens! Not a single car drove by and no birds were chirping, it was dead silent and the spirit was so strong! :) She is interested and looking forward to meeting with us when she gets back into town!

Another super cool experience we had this week was with a less active. We were reading the Book of Mormon in the hallway at her retirement home and a man walked by, saw that we were reading some scripture and stopped. He asked "What religion are y'all?" so we responded and invited him to sit in with us as we read. He felt the spirit and set a return appointment with us. We met with him again, taught him the first lesson and his only question was "this book isn't going to convert me is it? When I read it I feel good." I tried so hard not to laugh, because he is so open about his religion, but he knows that there is something missing and he is looking for it.  We told him that and we also told he we wouldn't convert him but that the spirit would. his questions was the greatest question because we were then able to explain to him all about the spirit and church and receiving answers. We invited him to church and he actually came! (Not going to lie, we were NOT expecting him to show up...) We weren't sure if he would come because he doesn't seem as if he is comprehending it all, but he gets it. He can feel the spirit working with him, and he had a good experience at church! This branch has the most amazing members and they fellowship so incredibly well! I love Somerset!


This one goes straight back to Richmond with Sister Jones.  There was a college student named Samantha that we were trying to find.  Her address was EKU's campus address... do you know how many dorms are on EKU? A LOT. A LOT.  So one day we were teaching a lesson (during finals week, so school gets out in a few days at this point) and saw a girl struggling with carrying a case of water.  We helped her carry it up to her dorm, introduced ourselves and she told us that her roommate was Mormon.  Turns out her roommate was SAMANTHA!! The girl we had been looking for for 3 months!!!!! YES!! Ok, so that is miracle #1.  THEN, school ends and everyone leaves.  Richmond is deserted.  Transfers. Sister Hannah comes to Somerset.  When I first got here, I went through all of our records and this name, Samantha, kept popping up.  I was curious if it was her and after asking around, this was the Samantha that we had records of in Richmond.  WAIT WHAT.  YEAH.  OK, so now I am DETERMINED to find this girl!! We went on the hunt and her address on the Somerset records was wrong.. bummer.  Well, luckily for us, her grandma lives three doors down so we went over to say hi, introduce ourselves and ask her about Samantha.  We knock on the door and you will never guess who opened the door.  SAMANTHA!!! My jaw almost hit the floor.  WE FINALLY FOUND HER!! FINALLY!! Oh my goodness. This was the greatest tender mercy for me.  This girl is SO important to Heavenly Father and we finally found her.  We were able to set an appointment with her and came back, taught her, and committed her to read the Book of Mormon.  Seriously, if you say God isn't in the details of our lives, you are missing it! He is there, He is aware, He knows!! These are the tender mercies and miracles we live for! :) I know that God led me to Samantha, to find her and to help her regain activity!

The mission is absolutely incredible. I love every second of everyday.  Even when times get hard or tough, which they do, not going to lie, I just have to push through.  Everything is worth it when we are able to help bring souls back to Jesus Christ!!

So much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

and hopefully more pictures on the blog if they want to send and upload.  Soon I will be a facebook missionary.. soon, so soon!

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