Monday, May 4, 2015

Ups and Downs and a whole lot of Laughs!!

This week was alright. I was having a really great week, until I got sick as a DOG!  I feel almost to 100% again though! Satan has nothing on Sister Hannah and Sister Jones!

We started the week strong though on Monday.  We came home to our bikes ON our beds.  YES.  LITERALLY UPSIDE DOWN on our beds.  The Bennett's fixed them and then called the Elders to come get them without telling us.  The Elders thought it would be funny to tuck them into bed while we weren't home and come home to that.  So we get home late Monday night and then finally get into our room around 10:15.  I had just gotten in the shower and Sister Jones peeps her head in the bathroom and says "our bikes are on our beds." I literally looked at her like she was crazy and responded "did you take a hydrocodone again?" I literally thought she was on drugs.  I get out of the shower- shampoo in hair still- and sure enough, our bikes are ON OUR BEDS.  Thank you for the great laugh elders.  They always know how to make our day just a little bit brighter!  *We had major plans to get them back, but they ended up not showing up to the meeting on Thursday where we had planned for all of it.* The next day though, we were walking to an appointment and they were at Kathy's home so we sticky-noted their car real quick with the scripture Mosiah 4:30 written all over it.  We though we were pretty funny.  Missionary rivalry! 

On Tuesday we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with Blake, our investigator who will be baptized on May 16th! :) He is just so awesome and golden! We taught him in the Russell's home and he loved the concept of fasting and prayer!! He even agreed to fast on Sunday! The lesson was more of us sitting there and the Russell's teaching everything and bearing sweet testimony! 

Wednesday was the craziest day when it came to planning.  Everything ended up working out, but we didn't plan dinner in and Sister Jones and I were nervous we weren't going to eat... we both really like food. hahahaaha! We bent over backwards to pick up new investigators from the Elders and God truly did bless us! Everything works out in the end and if it is not working out then it is not the end!

Thursday was incredible.  We had district meeting and it was so inspired.  Elder Davidson knows exactly what we all need to become the best we can be! We brought our call letters and shared the experience of opening our calls.  It was so special to remember those sweet moments and feel that powerful spirit again.  I am meant to be in Kentucky. I am meant to find these specific people and I am here for a reason! I find out that reason each and every day I get up! I love it here so much! I really do!! :)

Friday was another odd day! MY 100 DAYS IN THE FIELD!!!!!! We planned and planned and planned for what felt like forever and then went out to find some less actives.  We taught a lesson to Blake and it went well! This kid is seriously on FIRE! :) His baptism is going to be the best thing ever! :) Pray for BLAKE!! 

Saturday was the craziest day! PACKED with plans to go see a million and one people! We managed to see every single one of our set appointments and squeeze others in too! We were BEAT though at the end of the day! Bikes broke (nothing we couldn't fix on our own), we met cool people and had maybe 10 minutes to eat both lunch and dinner! That is the beauty of missionary work! So busy you don't have time to eat or even think about eating! It was a great day for me because I am just getting over a cold so I feel like I can go back to full speed ahead again.  Sister Jones bike got sick this day as well, her chain completely snapped in half... up a hill.  We just have so many problems with BIKES! We can't win! hahaha! Thank heavens for the incredible members of our ward who know bikes! :) We love you bennett family! 

The weeks seem to fly by! The work is absolutely incredible! I love this calling! It truly is the greatest calling I have ever had! The joy I feel when sharing the gospel is un-explainable! I LOVE THIS WORK!

Much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

pictures to come on the blog! :) 

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