Monday, December 21, 2015

You have nothing to Lose and everything to gain!

This week was a week of miracles! It was transfer week! Monday I was still running around like a chicken with my head cut off and packing was a nightmare. I was surprised at how much I had accumulated in 7 months! I miss Somerset, but I know I am needed here in Winchester! My new companion, sister Resendez, is amazing. I am so blessed to have her! We work so well together and are so bold. These people have no idea what's hitting them! We have really similar stories and we click really well! This transfer is going to be awesome! (I need some better "a" adjectives. I am taking suggestions!) 

Here are some miracles from this week:

Tuesday we hit the ground running! We planned for exchanges and were able to get it all done! It was amazing to see how the spirit made us aware of who we needed to exchange with and who would come or go to an area. I am excited for this transfer! Our first exchange is tomorrow and I am staying in the area... So pray for me that I dont get lost because it has been 5 days! Haha! We also saw sister lynch, a recent convert, and she is a miracle in and of herself. She met the missionaries back in the 70's, found out the church was true and was baptized last week. We taught a very powerful restoration lesson! Brother Walters is another rad guy! He is married to a member and when we went over to read with their family, he asked where he could buy his own baptismal clothes so he can go to the temple... Wow! Tuesday night we also picked up three new investigators when we tried out 8pm appointment. At first, Jesse was sick and so was his wife but they still let us in. We sat down and taunt a brief restoration. Their daughter who is a JW wouldn't listen to us. By the end, we had taught the whole restoration and they all wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon! Including the daughter! It was so cool. 

Wednesday everything fell into our lap.  We went to find a former investigator but she had moved so we took a lap around the block to talk to everyone. We ran into some kids and Miranda. We talked to Miranda and set up an appointment, but this kid kept hanging around and wouldn't leave. He is a funny kid, being a jokester. We asked him if his family would listen and he said yes and then led us to his house. We talk to his mom, Shenna and she starts to cry after we introduce ourselves. Sister Resendez and I were a little confused, but she explained to us that she works with a member. She had told the member of the Ward that she was interested in learning more and wanted to meet with us. When she found out that the member didn't send us, she knew it was God telling her what she needed to do! I do not believe in coincidences! We were placed in her path! So after that awesome miracle we ended up back where we started and FOUND THE GIRL WE WERE LOOKING FOR. she happened to be cleaning the apartment to used to live next too... What? It was incredible. What a day. What a day. 

Thursday, I got to see my best friends! Sister jones and sister Schultz! The Lexington North and Lexington Zones had our zone Christmas party! It was a blast! We played games and got to socialize. I love being a Lexington missionary! I am so grateful I was transferred to lex north! Haha that night it was cold cold cold. Sister Resendez and I went out with Rachel and got hot cocoa after all of our lessons fell through. Rachel is a member from the Ward and she is so rad! She got back from the Idaho Boise mission only a few months ago and loves to help us out. I love her! 

On Friday we accidentally tracted into Maria, a members brother. We were trying to contact a referral but they weren't home. There was a tv on in another apartment so we listened to see which apartment it was and it was Maria! Sister Resendez recognized her and asked if she was a member. She said "no, but I have talked to the missionaries before!" So we sit down and teach her the restoration and she accepts a baptismal date! Miracle! We will be planning a wedding soon! Later that day we were helping at a library and the man who walked us across the crosswalk gladly took a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment with us! We found out later he has a Mormon sister in Utah! The miracles keep flowing! 

Saturday was a longer day! it felt like everything cancelled in the morning and it was freezing! The miracle was getting in with stevensons! He is a less active and his wife isn't a member. Sister Resendez and I were able to bear powerful testimony on so many aspects of the gospel. Sister Resendez and I have extremely similar stories and so does brother Stevenson. By the end we were all crying and I know that he and she felt the spirit! Pray that they will read the Book of Mormon and act on the spirit that they felt! :) we then went to a wedding and helped with the food. It was so weird to be at a wedding, but it was a good time! Congratulations Anna! 

Sundays are always awesome because it seems as though are days get handed to us. We had to teach gospel principles and relief society and totally winged it. We didn't have any time to prepare. They both went really well, but the relief society lesson was way better than gospel principles. The spirit was so strong.  We also got a referral from Lexington for a priesthood blessing. When we showed up to talk to he people we found out it was a kid we had talked to the day before! It is amazing how God places people in our path to prepare them to receive the gospel. 

Miracles are happening, the work is moving forward! I know I am meant to be in Winchester for so many reasons and I am so excited to be here! I am grateful for my companion and this wonderful new transfer ahead of us! It is going to be amazing! 

Merry Christmas to all y'alls! 

Sending my love from KY,

Sister Hannah

Sorry I have no pictures! I was too busy with these miracles! 

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