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Another week has flown by. This week started really high, got really low and then came back up. It was insane. Emotions. They were a roller coaster. President and sister Brough, love them. Sister Resendez. So grateful for. Up, down, here, there and everything all at once and nothing. Yeah. That pretty much sums up my week in win.. Well half the week I spent in Winchester! 

So here it goes! 

We started up high with the johns! We went over and retaught the restoration for the new member lessons. Isaiah, that kid is amazing. We asked them all sorts of questions so they would teach us the restoration. He did phenomenal! He gave the best answers and then some! I love that kid and that family! They are so wonderful! :)

Tuesday started the craziness. I went to Richmond and ate at Babylon, one of the best Greek food places, and then I went on exchange with sister Cox! She is serving in Berea! It was so fun! We worked hard and had a really good exchange! I learned so much from her, she rocks! She is energetic, kind and caring. She bore powerful testimony and we saw miracles! We were in Winchester for the day together. We went out to find a woman on the Richmond Ward roster who now lives here. We didn't find her, but we found a young couple who listened to our message and accepted baptismal dates! It was so exciting! I love the way sister cox teaches. It is powerful and the spirit is always present. She presents the doctrine in the unique light it deserves! Dylan and Alexa, the young couple we met, are expecting soon! They are so excited! 

The next day, Sister Resendez and I saw each other for a car ride and lunch where we caught up on what had happened, took a deep breath and went on another exchange after lunch. Talk about insane! I was in Lexington with Sister Rammell. We had a really good exchange! She is fierce and loyal. She blew me away. She is an incredible missionary! She is so inconvenient! She stopped the car in the middle of the road and talked to these people. She is quiet but bold and powerful. She is going home in four weeks and isn't the slightest bit trunky. She is a powerful servant!

We then had interviews with President and Sister Brough. I love them so much! They are truly incredible and inspiried! It is always cool to be around them! Elder Viehweg trained on having the right motives behind setting goals and executing them and it was exactly what I needed. I love him as our district leader. He too is inspiried and wants us all to hit our full potential! He fits right in to our district!

On Friday we found SPOON RINGS!!! it was a miracle! We had been looking for them forever! We decided to go into a little artsy shop and just ask if they had them. The guy looks at us and says "you're the missionaries! You were at my house over on hood avenue last week!" we were, that is us! He is a less actives husband and he is the one who makes the rings! It was so cool! We were able to talk to him about the gospel and get our rings! so rad! we were also able to go back over and see him in his home! blessings!!

ON Saturday it was BRIHGT AND SUNNY!!! we were outside all day. one layer. t-shirt. light shoes. it was such a tease. I love this weather! We saw so many blessings! We exceeded our goal for talking with everyone and picked up a new investigator! We went to an appointment and the girl we were trying to see was passed out. She had a rough night.. but her mom came in and listened to what we had to say!! It was so cool! She was intrigued and listed with real intent! She called us the next day and said "sisters, I have received a witness that the Book of Mormon is true!!" wow! The spirit truly is incredible!!

Sunday was by far the best day of the week!!

we saw so many miracles, but here is the best one!

This was a four weeks in the making miracle! We had talked to a woman, Rose, a while back and she had given us a referral for David and Ashley. We tried and tried and tried them but never had any luck. We always seemed to be in their neck of the woods, so we always gave them a shot. One day, we got out of the car and saw a man walking back to the apartment. Sister Resendez got his attention and we found out it was finally David, the man we had been looking for! He invited us in and we talked with him and his wife and his pastor father. His father was way anti, but David was extremely open! We were able to testify of eternal marriage and set up a return appointment. So we come back for the return appointment yesterday, with a member and all, and a water line burst.. luckily he is a plumber. We rescheduled for a few hours later! We came back and taught them the restoration. It was one of the most powerful lessons. The spirit was so strong, Brother and Sister Clem were captivated. They told us how they knew we were sent from God and how excited they are to be baptized on March 27th! In Brother Clem's words: "I know truth when I hear it and I think this is it. I have been searching for a long time and those other churches just have something missing, and this is it."

I love this ward so much. Just when the work was getting really hard, the Lord poured out his blessings upon me! I know that as I do what I am supposed to and bind him (D&c 82:10) I will receive the promise!

So much love,

Sister Hannah

"Laughter and a good sense of humor can soften the bumps along life's journey." Elder Snow (April 2009)

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