Monday, February 29, 2016

When time flies, I don't know what happens!

So I really need some different adjectives to describe my weeks. Crazy
and insane just aren't cutting it anymore!

This week was unpredictable. We had a zillion set appointments! No one
showed up. That is missionary work. It happens. We just have to put
our shoulders to the wheel and press forward with a steadfast faith in
Christ. The work rolls on. The people do show up. We do teach. We do
baptize! It was just another week.

This week:
* I went on exchanges with Hermana Linares and Sister Israelsen! They
are both incredible sisters and I am so blessed to work with them
both! Sister Linares and I worked the Spanish side of Winchester. It
was a little odd for me because I was in my area, but not doing my
work! It was powerful though. We taught one lesson and members came to
bear their testimonies as well. I couldn't understand a single word
but the spirit said it all. This is true. The message is true. Sister
Israelsen and I tore it up in the pioneer south area and had a blast.
We taught an awesome restoration lesson to a sweet girl and then got
straight up stood up by a punk kid. He took longer to get dressed than
both of us combined. :p I pray that they will be able to catch him
again and teach him! We also almost contacted our zone leaders on the
street thinking they were jw's. It was a great day!
* We went to district meeting in our authentic Amish dresses. We
matched the elders with their authentic Amish pants. #amishforthewin
we have a really rad district!
* We ate dinner with one of the greatest families, the Walters!
Brother Walters is our recent convert. He is amazing! He and his wife
pretty much taught the lesson to their girls. They are such a solid
gospel family! I love them! It honestly feels like home at their
* It was warm(er) and we got to ride our bikes! We were also pretty
much out of miles. I forgot how awesome it is to ride my bike!
* On Sunday we taught two awesome lessons! One two sister Epperson and
her daughter and another to Heather. The spirit was so strong and I
know they are excited to be baptized! The spirit does the converting,
not us!

I love being a missionary! It is the greatest work of my life and I
know that this is the work of the Lord!

Stay rad,
Stay righteous!

Much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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