Monday, February 1, 2016

"I may have farted."

This week was one of my harder weeks,
Here is the bright side, because none of the hard stuff matters anyway!

The roller coaster of #Resannah!
Monday, we had FHE with the Burton family. They are seriously
incredible. We started off with some shots. Don't worry. It was of
soda. Hahaha we didn't want a whole glass and she had some little shot
glasses. So we tried some soda, out of a shot glass. We thought it was
funny! But in all reality, The most solid example of HOW the gospel
blesses families! Sister Burton taught the importance of scriptures. I
want to be like her when I grow up! :) she has so much faith and
trusts in the lord completely! They are trying so hard to be who God
needed them to be!

Tuesday we taught an awesome restoration lesson to a guy we found on
the street. He asked some interesting questions during the lesson that
had no rhyme or reason, but we invited the spirit and I know he felt
it! It was so funny and awkward at the end of the lesson when we
invited him to say the closing prayer. He declined, but then said
"let's all say a silent prayer." Sister Resendez and I sat there
awkwardly not knowing what to do. It was hilarious. We also taught the
johns about tithing this night and the boys were so funny! The jokes
that come from this family alone make my life complete. We played pie
face after our lesson. Best game ever. You put whipped cream on a
little Hand lever, spin the spinner and click the wheel that releases
the hand the number you spun. We all got pie faced except sister r! It
was a night to remember!

Wednesday was somewhat uneventful. (Minus the morning when I woke up
with completely swollen eyes. Still don't know what caused it, but it
made a good laugh!mi looked like chump from the goonies!) We helped a
woman in our Ward, sister Collins, finish up a quilt. We then had an
amazing restoration lesson with the wonderful Guedel family who had us
for dinner. The spirit never ceases to fail me! I love how strongly
the restoration brings the spirit. It is true! It really did happen
and it is a fact! :)

Thursday was the craziest day of the week. We had some interesting
lessons, almost got bed bugs, had district lunch, met really cool
Amish people and taught the johns boys about the importance of prayer
and scripture study. It was so cute to see how excited Isaiah got
about prayer! He is so ready for his baptism! This night Isaiah said
to us "you are home!" After we said something about home on the west.
This family has my heart. I love them soooo much! ❤️❤️

On Friday we happened to be in a area where we had a previously
contacted a referral. They missed the appointment so we stopped by and
ended up teaching the plan of salvation! It was so wonderful! They had
a ton of family there. From grandma to great grand child. Amidst all
of the craziness, they were able to feel the spirit and know that the
message is true! Sister Hopewell was so cute. She said "I got out my
*bable* and laid the Book of Mormon next to it and we (her
granddaughter and her) were reading it. She said it wasn't the same,
but I told her to keep reading because you said it was the same."
Clearly I need to work on explaining that the doctrine is the same,
not he words on the pages. It was a good lesson! That night we went to
cheer on anything johns at his basketball game! It was an awesome
game! So tight! They ended up losing by one point in overtime, but
Anthony did so well! At the game, I looked over at sister Resendez and
said "it smells like poop." Isaiah looks up at us, straight faced and
says "I may have farted." I died, this kid is hilarious. I love him so
much! And the whole johns family.

On Saturday we had an incredible member present lesson with Kim! let
me tell you a little bit about Kim:
-She is engaged to a returned missionary.
-she comes to church by herself all the time and loves it
-she sees herself being a member of the church
-She wants to be the best mom for her kids and
-she invited us over (that never happens) and asked us to start
teaching her. AWESOME! We had a really good discussion about the
restoration. She felt the spirit so strongly! I know she will be
baptized soon! :) please pray for Kim!
Also, that night we had a quick lesson with the johns boys before
their baptism in the morning! I asked Isaiah to pray and to invite the
spirit. He looks at me and says "hey spirit, we are having a party.
Wanna come and dj." We all started to DIE laughing, and he says with a
straight face "what, I invited him?" Best line of my life. They are so
wonderful. I wish I could wear a GoPro and send all of the videos home
of these boys.

Sunday was so glorious! Brother Walters was confirmed and received the
gift of the Holy Ghost! Isaiah and Colton johns were "bapatized!" They
were stoked and the baptism went really well! It was a little crazy at
the beginning, but they were baptized and the spirit testified of
their decision to be baptized being the right choice! It has been so
amazing to watch the transformation of these boys as they have
embraced the gospel! They are going to be incredible members of the
church and future missionaries! They will be leaders!

Sister R and I are also stuck together for another 7 weeks! Bummer. I
really don't like her. HAHAHAHAHAAHAH just kidding, I love this girl
so much! I am so beyond grateful we have another 7 weeks together to
work hard and baptize!
Our quote of the week:
*sister r sat on the kitchen counter*
"Aww man, I think I just sat in water."
Sister h: "bummer."

This week was a nice little roller coaster ride, but it has taught me so much.
1. I can do hard things. Like deal with a bedbug scare.
2. The Lord is always on my side!
3. Priesthood blessings are wonderful and comforting.
4. We can attain two degrees of glory without covenants, but we must
have those sacred covenants and saving ordinances in order to live
with our Heavenly Father!
5. Baptism is the gate at which we enter to exaltation!
I know this gospel is true with all of my heart! I am so blessed to
have this opportunity to serve as a full time missionary and see
people change their lives as they come unto Christ. I know the
priesthood has been restored which allows sacred saving ordinances to
be performed. I know my redeemer lives!

So much love from the blessed GKLM,
Sister Hannah

I also have been in Kentucky a long time because these words came out
of my mouth: "that's my kind of trailer!" Yep.

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