Monday, February 15, 2016

Miracles never cease!

Well, my world is white! Snow is everywhere again! I love this! I hope
it stays, but we are supposed to have another warm-ish week!

This week I felt like I had limited proselyting time because I was
never in my area or with my companion! We were blessed to travel to
Louisville with sister bush and Stevens for MLC! It was an incredible
training from the assistants and president that left me inspired to go
out and reach the goals that I have set! I feel more accountable to
God and my leaders now! By the time we got back, it was late and we
had to rush to the church for an activity! Kim (our super sweet
investigator) and she brought her mom and a friend! She's being a
missionary and Isn't even a member yet! I love her so much! We made
cute little love mugs!

Wednesday we saw a sweet miracle! We had a return appointment, but she
bailed. As we were leaving, we got a referral from SLC and so we went
to go contact it. The woman we found is named Ann! She let us in and
we were able to teach her the restoration! :) it was so cool! One
person canceled, but the Lord provided! Then! We went to Kroger to
finish out our goal for talking with everyone that day. We were
freezing outside so we went in to talk to people. Our last person that
we talked to was the daughter of a less active who we had been looking
for for weeks! Tender mercy! We shared our message with her and headed
out! When we went to go visit her mom, her new husband attacked us for
everything we believed and said. He told us that what we are doing "is
fundamentally wrong and offensive to the rest of the christian world."
He continued to attack us on the doctrine of eternal marriage claiming
that it is a false doctrine. All I could do was bear my testimony. I
knew the doctrine and so did sister Resendez, but when we shared it
with him, he said we were wrong. Completely and utterly incorrect. We
bore our testimonies and left. His heart was so hard. But the next
day, I read this quote from elder Boyd K. Packer: "Brethren and
sisters, never be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Never
apologize for the sacred doctrines of the gospel. Never feel
inadequate and unsettled because you cannot explain them to the
satisfaction of all who might inquire of you. Do not be ill at ease or
uncomfortable because you can give little more than your conviction.
Be assured that, if you will explain what you know and testify of what
you feel, you may plant a seed that will one day grow and blossom into
a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ." It reall yelped me
understand that even thought we can't explain doctrines to satisfy
those of the world, they are still eternal truths and that will never

We also had zone meeting this week and it was really fun! I was able
to see my two new missionaries who aren't very new anymore! I love
sister schultz and Starkey! ❤️❤️ we were trained on hitting goals! I
left this meeting uplifted as well! I have such a stronger desire to
hit my goals now! I want the Lord to trust me with His work!

After zone meeting we went on exchanges! I stayed in Winchester with
Hermana Castillo! She is incredible! So sweet and tender. We saw some
awesome miracles! We got a call from the Paris hermanas who cover the
Spanish work in our area and they told us of a less active who they
had found! We were excited to go see her! We told them we would get
them a referral because Hermana Castillo was with me! We went out and
worked hard. We were trying to meet our goal of talking with everyone
for the day and ended up at Walmart. We found some sweet people and
then had to head home. As we walked to our car, Hermana Castillo met
two Hispanics, contacted them and got a return appointment! After the
trial of your faith! It was so rad!

Saturday we also saw some sweet miracles! We had planned in three less
actives because we needed four more to hit our weekly goal. The three
we had planned in didn't pan out, but nonetheless Heavenly Father
provided! We found and were able to teach a woman who we had been
looking for for months! Two other less actives came out of the
woodworks too! People that we had been trying for weeks and we finally
were able to see! One man was a little crazy, but he is writing a book
on his theories, so when it is published, I will share it with y'all!
Haha but it was so amazing!

I love this work so much! There will always be opposition in all
things, but opposition makes us stronger if we chose righteously. I
know that as I increase my trust in the Lord and as He trusts me more,
things start to happen! The ball starts to roll! I know that when we
bind Him, We have His promise! I have seen that promise be fulfilled
over and over! I know that the gospel is true!

Much love from the GKLM,
Sister Hannah

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